3D Coat 4.0.07B Retopo Experiment Notes

These are some notes to myself on today’s foray into 3D Coat. I’m using Version 407B(GL) version. Today I’m attempting to use the Poser Michael 3 head to retopologize a head I sculpted from the 3DCoat bust.

(instructions from video)

Retopo Room
Import Mesh, position & size.

Transparency: at top slider.

Transform to make minute position adjustments.

Turn OFF Auto Snap at top.
Use BRUSH to move stuff into shape,
close to the voxel surface.

Turn ON Auto Snap at top.
Use Shift-Smooth, low setting, to
‘tap’ mesh into place.

Turn OFF Auto Snap in trouble areas,
like nostrils, lips, eyelids…


My Foray Notes

Import MilManHead.  Scale HUGE.

hide inner materials, eyebrows, etc.
merge lips, nostrils, lacrymal to SkinHead.

Position and Scale w/ Transform.
voxel brow sticks out a bit.  ears are lower.  everything else inside the MM mesh.

okay, brush doesn’t have falloff, and i don’t know how to select/mask the ears.

nm, i just shoved them all around and hideously deformed them… :/  and the upper eyelid…  i’m going to turn on the snap… and see what disaster befalls.

i’m going to use snap to closest along normal…

okay, shift-smooth snapping on the cranium going okay…

the jawline went okay, but the chin spiked out.  ears went nuts.

forehead and cheekbones spiking out too.  i don’t know why.
oh… using regular brush and nudging got rid of those.


all right… everything went okay except the ears and eyelids.  the nostrils need some care along the inner rim.  and the lips need the split to go in the centerline.

i don’t know what i’m going to do with the ears, they are pretty much destroyed.  the eyelids are… well, they won’t move when i try to grab them.
i’m a little worried about the centerline.  not sure if the smoothing made it cross or…???  :/
um… yeah, a whole lot collapsed to the forehead centerline :(
i’ll have to count how many points are on the top of the forehead, because the more i keep pulling, the more lines and triangles pop out of the centerline…!




okay, i exported ‘retopo mesh’ to a test obj.  i didn’t turn on the inner mouth and other materials.  the SkinHead layer was selected.
wrong number of vertices. ::sigh::

importing the mesh, not centered et al… hrm… yeah… it’s the size of planet jupiter.  i think. i can’t see it.  just its shadow, out to the horizon.  :X


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