Blueberry-Cherry Striped Pie

Happy Equinox!!!

So for autumnal equinox, I have decided to make a pie. No, not from scratch. :P But I have decided to make Blueberry-Cherry Striped Pie. No, I never heard of it, I just made it up. So I got me a can of cherry pie filling, a can of blueberry pie filling, and a pair of pre-made crusts. What do you want? From the person who just burned soup last week? Eh? It’s entirely experimental, anyway!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the blueberry and cherry stripes to lay out correctly. Well, duh, make the stripes horizontal, going across the slices, not down them. If you put the filling in concentric rings, that will take care of it.

So, one glop of blueberry in the middle. Then a ring of cherry around it. The blueberry filling is thicker and steadier than the cherry. I corralled the cherry with some spatula action, then made a blueberry wall around that. That was it before I was almost to the crust, so the cherries went into the last canal before the pie wall. They almost didn’t make it. Which is odd, because both can’s of pie filling said to use two cans for one pie, and I had leftover blueberry. Even after I topped off the two blueberry rings!

I was going to take a lovely picture of my masterpiece — er, experiment — but the camera is busted. I got new batteries for it, but the lens doesn’t extend out any more. Yeah, it stopped working after my mom showed me how to use the zoom on it… Oops. :/

Okay, no pictures. But I should start heating up the oven! I plugged in the oven, and turned it on. Not clicking igniter. None. Nada. Yes, the power cord was ON. I tested it with the top of the stove; those clickers worked.

So now I have to figure out if I can light this thing by hand. Without blowing up my hand, or the rest of me.

Okay, so you turn the oven on, and the pilot light gas comes out. No more gas comes out until the thermometer sensor senses that the pilot light is lit. So I have a long-handled barbecue lighter thing; I get the pilot light lit. And… then nothing happens.

So, I don’t know what. The clicker AND the sensor is dead? The wires are loose? I’m shining the flashlight in the thing, behind the thing, I don’t know! I tried jiggling the wires, I tried lighting it again. Nope.

NOW what was I going to do? I got the top crust on, I got it all slit to let the steam out, I got the cinnamon sugar topping on it…. I even put the aluminum foil strips around the crust. So I wrapped plastic wrap on it and put it in the fridge. I guess I’d have to give it to mom to take home and bake.

Except I tried the pilot light one more time. It lit. No whoosh. Then I tried closing the broiler thing. THEN it lit up! Oh, thank goodness!


So now I have a Blueberry-Cherry Striped Pie! Um, I haven’t actually tried it yet. It’s been cooling off all day. But the crust came out sooo nice and not burnt. Can’t wait for dessert tonight! (I hope it’s edible! :X )


Blueberry Cherry Stripe Pie

I fixed the camera, so I finally got a pic. Oh, and it turned out quite delicious, actually. It’s not a golly-gee-whiz-wow, zomg-I-have-to-make-this kind of recipe. But it was good. It’s actually rather like eating a blueberry pie in one bite and a cherry pie in the next.



4 Responses to “Blueberry-Cherry Striped Pie”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    I want a slice! :3


  2. bloodsong Says:


    the pie is great! the top could be a little more cinnamon-y and sweet, i think. but it’s like eating a blueberry pie one bite, and then a cherry pie the next. very interesting. two desserts in one!

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