Bloodsong’s Writing Resource Collection

Oops, I didn’t mean to imply that I made a collection of writing resources.  But I did decide to collect the ones I find the most useful in one spot.  So, here they are!


Word Help

Collins Dictionary Online  (I used to use, but omg, the ads and crap!)

Chir-Ag Tip of my Tongue  Can’t think of that word you know you know?  Find it with this tool.


Phraseology Help

Title Generator   Input some concept words and title phrases pop out.

Word Count Tool   Counts words and analyzes your text.


Conceptual Help

Emotion Thesaurus    A sample of how to have your characters express emotion without saying stupid crap like “He was sad.”

Springhole    Includes a boatload of random generators for all kinds of things; characters, objects, super powers…  Plus essays on writing, and research concepts.


Character Help

Writers Helping Writers Tools   Character development, characteristics, backstory, etc.

(See also Springhole.)


Writing Help

Mind-Melding with the Reader   An essay on the brainwaves of storytellers and audiences, as well as concrete examples of how to put the reader into the story.  This is an explanation of how I write in my ‘really intense close third person’  (aka ‘gut-punch’) style.

How to Write a LogLine       This is for movie pitches, but a very good excercise for (book/story/literary/word-only) writers, as well.

The Great Swampy Middle     by Jim Butcher; how to deal with a bogged-down middle of a story.

25 Turns, Pivots, And Twists To Complicate Your Story     by Chuck Wendig (warning: ‘adult’ language).  Some ideas on how to mix things up and make your story less predictable.

Story Grid  by Shawn Coyne.  The site is a little aggressive about having you sign up.  Annnnd, okay, they just changed their format so it’s hard to find anything. Scroll to the bottom of the page and start at the bottom of the list under “Articles by Topic.” Then, I guess work your way up and to the left.

Or maybe start here:
Step 1: 6 Questions
Step 2: Foolscap Method
Step 3: 5 Leaf Clover
Step 4: The Spreadsheet


Workstyle Help

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day by Rachel Aaron. Through intense study and note-taking, Rachel Aaron figured out a lot about her writing habits and what works — and what bogged her down. Learn some tricks on making candybar scenes! You can also check out her book, with all the info.

Editing for People Who Hate Editing by Rachel Aaron. More insight from this author. In fact, poke around her blog for more interesting articles on the writing processes.



Oh, and this wouldn’t be complete without a totally off-the-wall technique that is surprisingly effective at breaking writers’ blocks. (No link, since ours is in a semi-private writing group.) But the idea is called “Write Your Character a Strongly-Worded Note.”

Let’s say your character doesn’t want to go into the dragon’s lair. Your writing bogs down. You can’t finish the scene. You can’t START the scene. Whip out a piece of paper (or forum thread) and send your character a note to “GET YOUR BUTT IN THERE!”

Hmm, I’ll post a few of my examples. Since I have trouble controlling my Brain, many of them are directly to it, rather than my characters. But anything goes!!

dear Brain;



dear Brain;

you have exactly THREE HOURS to find this piece of writing you lost!!!

–frantic bloodsong

dear bloodsong;

ME!?!? how is it that **I** misplaced it!? you’re the one with the fingers and hands and limbs and stuff!!


dear Brain;

shut up and FIND IT!!! you don’t want to have to write it all over again, do you!?!??!


dear Brain;

okay, WHERE did you hide that scene where morrigan is talking to a dwarf kid as they go outside!?!? I NEED IT NOW!


dear bloodsong;

do we need to go over this again? where did YOU put it!?!? YOU, with the hands and arms and moving around!

–Bloodsong’s Brain

okay, Brain…

did you FORGET the part where you’re SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER where the #$%# i put it!?!??!?!?


ah, i found one to an actual character!

dear zevran;

GET OVER HERE and WRITE DOWN your musings on ORZAMMAR, RIGHT NOW! this chapter is going out TODAY, BUSTER!!!

–the #$%ed MASTER of this place!!!

dear jack and zevran:


and zevran, learn how to spell sovereignty!!

and when things get REALLY DESPERATE…


who said YOU could go on vacation!? and stop sticking my brain in mai-tais!

#($*%&IT, **I** want a vacation, the rest of you gits get back here and get to work!

…not now, malcolm; i’m busy.

JACK!! jack, go get those #$%(*&ed elves and bring them back here!

Jack: ::looking bewildered:: Me? I’m not your character. I don’t even live in your brain. I’m sure, since you’ve only told me that a few hundred times.

Bloodsong: just shut up and do it!

Jack: But–

Bloodsong: if you don’t, i’ll kill off ianto!

Jack: … ::blinks:: Erm…

Bloodsong: i mean it!!!

Jack: No no no no. Let me get this straight… You want me to use Torchwood resources… to travel to Tijuana… to go find a pair of elves with a brain in a coconut shell… who are probably lying on the beach… wearing Speedoes… oiled up with suntan lotion… um… ::totally derailed train of thought:: Wait, why am I arguing against this again??

Bloodsong: oh for (#$*%&$% sake!!!!

YOU’RE ALL FIRED!!!!!!!!!!

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