Dog Finder


So last evening, the dog and I were startled to hear my mom yelling out the window, “Get outta here! Go on!” And we ran out… looked out over the deck, out the windows… “She’s not talking to you,” I told the dog.
“Did you see it?” my mom asked, coming out of her bathroom. What? I was wondering. Was it a bear? I missed seeing a bear!? “There was a dog,” she said. Oh.

A little while later, I had to go get Bear (not the bear), because there were some people in our yard. They had lost their dog. So I got on my boots and all to try to help. Sophia was her name, and she was apparently a small beige dog, a Jack Russel/chihuahua mix. I wandered around the yard. My mom and the people went up to the next yard. I was peering into the ravine, and I figured I’d see something, right? A relatively small dog, but she’d be moving around, right?

Then I went and got Bear on his leash. I figured if there was a strange new dog in his territory, he’d pick up the scent and try to follow it around like he always does. Though he’s not trained to track. And mostly he wanted to follow his mommy and get goodies. But once my mom left again, going up the mountain, he started sniffing around the scent trail. Wandering down the yard. Wandering by the generator shed. Looking across the ravine like he saw something, but I didn’t see anything.

Finally, though, I decided he was pretty useless, so I sent him back inside and went to look by myself. It was starting to get dark out. I thought I would go down into the ravine and along the stream, in case she went down there and doubled back.

Well, I go down the old stepping stones, get to the bottom of the ravine, and what do I find, but a very tiny dog, lying down by an old fallen tree. So I tried talking to her, and approaching, but she was trembling and scared. I had a dog biscuit, but she wasn’t interested. I sat and talked to her a bit, but I could see she wasn’t going to let me get too close or pick her up, so then I said I’d go get her mommy and daddy.

So I climbed back up the ravine and yelled that I found her, and her mommy came to get her. Yes, I’m such a hero! Go me!



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