What a Great Day!


Well, I didn’t want to do a blasted THING today! But I sorta forced myself to sit down and do my Tuesday SL/C# project, which was to convert a Forms analog clock program into a WPF analog clock program. Which involves putting in the code, and looking up why the dip it has all those errors. :X

Once I got into it, I really got into a zone… I even knew things! Like if it didn’t know what the dip System.Drawing was, where and how to add the System.Drawing dll. And that you find what bits of the pieces are called, by looking in the form editor little listy thing on the side. Like the WPF “image” has a “source” whereas the Forms “picture” has an “image.” And the Main Window had a “Title” instead of “Text.” Yeah, little things, but I was proud of knowing what the heck stuff was and how it was going on.

I even made my own functions. (Or whatever they decided to call functions in this crazy thing.) I put the coordinate subroutine into a function, and the formatting for the digital clock.

Things got a little hairy with the compiler confused between Images in this include or that include, and not knowing what the heck “White” was. (That was another missing dll.)

Lastly, it is… well, not next to — it’s actually impossible to get an image to display in the image on the form. No, really. The “source” I mentioned is some kind of Media Source. And it can’t convert a bitmap into a media source. *I* can’t convert a bitmap into a media source, even when I tell it to. It seems that you just CAN’T draw a picture (like a clock face) and get it to display, unless… I guess you just draw it? If you have any idea where the upper left corner is.

I kept looking on stack overflow and such… and they kept suggesting to send the bitmap to a media stream, read the media stream, and use THAT as a media source. (Well, it’s marginally better than having to save it to freaking disk.)
I copied the code for one and put it in. And it was formatted as… I don’t know, it’s own namespace or something? It made the compiler freak out about my MainWindow section. So I took it out of that section and gave it its own. Which made things WORSE.
So I said, well, heck, I’ll just turn it into a function, the way I think it would look as a function. Would you believe… IT WORKED!??!?!

Lunch hour was breathing down my neck, but I got the compiler to run through and have NO ERRORS! Of course… the program doesn’t work. But that will have to be a project for another day. :X

Then I went on patrol, had some lunch. Goofed around on Flight Rising and Ovipets. Then it was coming around to be time for my workout. Didn’t want to do THAT, either. Well, I decided to do half in the dungeon, and then take my sock poi out on the deck. That was fun. Did that, and some Tai Chi.

It was so windy and nice out, I decided to fly my kite. My kite, if you don’t know, is a parafoil “pocket kite” and her name is Lyretail Koi. She’s a beach kite; I used to fly her at Ocean City and Good Harbor beach.

Today we got some good height. The wind was around 9 mph. We have a big open yard, but there are trees on the sides. And there was more clouds than sun, so I couldn’t see Lyretail’s shadow. Well, I decided to go for it. We didn’t get out to the end of the string. But we got way up there.

Then she dropped down and, omg, landed in a tree! :( It didn’t look that high from way across the yard, but… she was UP in a TREE, and this tree was down in a ravine! I didn’t really know what to do. I pulled on the string; I was winding it up. Some gusts came and I tried giving some slack to see if she could fly up and out… Not working. Worse, she seemed to be winding around a branch.

I kept up a steady pull. I know from… gah, now I can’t remember what science show, a really old one. About having a rope holding up a cinderblock with a string tied to the bottom. If you grab the lower string and yank it really fast, it will snap off. BUT, if you pull it steadily, it will increase the weight on the cinderblock, which will break the rope. So as long as the string is pulling steadily with the greater weight, we could make it. Um, if it was my weight vs the tree’s we were kinda screwed, though.

But then a good gust picked up, and Lyretail jumped up, and I gave it some slack, and OMG YES!! She flew out of the tree!! YEAH!! I am JUST THAT GOOD!

Except now she’s flying up, and I’m reeling in, and I’m thinking… I don’t see the yellow tail. Yes, she lost a tail on that one :/ It was still in the tree when I went back to check. Maybe it will fall down over night.

Anyway, the forest isn’t the ocean. She got some battle scars on that adventure. I reeled her in on the grass. I can’t reel her back to hand like we did on the beach. Yeah, on the beach, I could launch her, fly her, and retrieve her without ever touching the sand. Ah, those were the glory days.

Well, I managed to find and rescue the cat annoyer after it blew into the ravine one night. I have good hopes for rescuing the yellow tail. Someday.



One Response to “What a Great Day!”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    the tail stayed in the tree for two days, then fell down to a lower branch for a day or two.
    then it wasn’t in the tree, so i went down into the ravine, searching… then the dog started barking, so i had to get OUT of the ravine.
    after that (who/whatever was making the dog bark left by the time i got there), i went on my patrol route, and i found the tail! it was in ANOTHER tree!
    then in another day or two, it fell out, and i saw it in the ravine, and went on an expedition to retrieve it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! woo! i am JUST THAT GOOD!

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