A Good Day 2


The other day, I was really happy.  I’m making note of this for posterity… like when I’m depressed again.  This time, though, I don’t think I really had any control over it.

It started like any ordinary day on the mountain, where I was doing nothing much.  I was hanging out in Second Life for some reason.  But it was lunch time, and I took the dog for a walk.  It was late October, but it was sunny and so warm!  I laid back on the hill to watch the clouds.  Ah, the dog didn’t cooperate, as he just HAD TO get to something six inches beyond where we were RIGHT NOW.

He actually kinda dragged me a few inches down the hill.  Then I sat up and said, ‘pull me, pull me!’  Of course, he didn’t.  Pfft.

The wind was blowing, and I was in shirtsleeves (a rare occasion), and it was just SO nice and warm.  And windy.  Did I mention windy?  I like wind.

So I came back inside, told everybody online ‘So long, suckers!  It’s too nice out, I’m going to play outside and fly my kite!’

I didn’t get Lyretail Koi (my kite) to launch.  The wind was too intermittent.  We got some low air time, and I was actually getting too hot, so it was time to quit that.

That evening… It was during the week of the Orionids, so I tied my hammock out on the deck.  I was too late to watch the stars come out, I thought, but it was so nice and warm (and I had the grey fuzzy throw blanket to snuggle in).  And I did see more and more stars.

I couldn’t tell if I saw some faint meteors, or if it was just my eyes.  Then I saw the UFO.  Well, you know.  Those are common up here.  There was a bright light, too bright to be a star.  But it wasn’t moving like a plane.  It sorta stayed still (or zig-zagged a little, though that could have been my hammock swaying), and then it kinda faded out.  Perhaps it escaped the atmosphere and went into space.  Who knows.

I did see at least three meteors, bright enough that I could say ‘ooh, meteor!’  (No, I don’t think the UFO was a meteor falling straight down, Orion wasn’t even in the sky that early.)  With the clouds and ‘super moon’ going on during the peak of the meteor shower (two nights afterward), I wouldn’t have been able to see anything, so I’m glad I got to spend some time outside on such a lovely night.

I think… my face felt funny, maybe I was even smiling!



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