Win10 vs Silverlight vs Netflix Vs Pale Moon

These are notes to my future self on what happened there….


Silverlight:  Use the stupid useless Silverlight thing.  Make sure you enable DRM.  Because, for some reason, Netflix uses DRM.  (Like me signing in to my account, THAT I PAID FOR, is not enough?)

Win10 Privacy:  Make sure you’re NOT blocking the Microsoft/Silverlight DRM service/webconnect whatever it is.


Now this is where it gets weird…  Open the Silverlight page, tell NoScript to allow all.  And/Or, on the Netflix page, tell NoScript to temporarily allow everything.  Start a video.

I saw this when I used the TEST Pale Moon blank profile.  As the show starts to play, it access some sort of silverlight url.  Too fast for me to see what it was.  But this is apparently it downloading its DRM.  Once it does that, Netflix should work from thenceforth onward, without messing with NoScript or blank profiles.  Until they decide to dick with Pale Moon some more.  (Remember to turn OFF allowing top level sites when you’re done, duh.)



Good Luck!



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