Happy Cat Dream


Last night, I had a dream that my cat, Mousie, came into the room with a bunch of helium balloons; with the ribbons in her mouth, under her chest and all, because she was playing with the ribbons.  I said, “Oh, cute, is it my birthday?  Wait, is it your birthday?”
Then she was playing with the ribbons and all… which is not the safest thing in the world!  But I was there, I was watching.  And the ribbons got caught on some velcro on the kitty tunnel, and the balloons pulled up when she let go of the ribbons, and the tunnel rolled towards her.  I said, “Watch out, it’s going to get you…!”  Then she was wrestling with the tunnel.

Then she threw the rememberall at me, and i tossed it across the room.  She ran over and pounced!  But she made sure to jump over it instead of hitting it.  And then one of my snake fluffies had some velcro on its neck and tail, and it got stuck on her somehow… so she was running around with a snake on her back.  It was just so cute and funny!  (I rescued her, though!)

What a happy dream!



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