Adventures in Knitting: Cowl

After making a hat with a brim that my Mom requested for Christmas… I had some really soft ‘chunky’ yarn left over, that would feel really nice as a neck warmer.  But instead of JUST a neck warmer, I thought it would be really awesome if it came down to cover the shoulders like a yoke kind of deal….

So I poked around looking at those Fairport Isle sweaters?  You know, the ones with the goofy mooses and patterns going around the yoke.  I deconstructed a panel from one for stitch counts, and designed my own one-colour pattern.

I wanted to do cable patern deals, since that was the big new thing I learned doing the hat.  But I wanted them to go in a spiral, so I worked out this three cable spiral pattern for the front 3 panels, and then a plain line and diamond pattern for the back panels.

I got to the part where I was supposed to do the next cable cross-over at the start of a panel, but the yarn wasn’t over far enough yet….  And then I was looking at the slanted cable, and I have to tell you… cables don’t work on a diagonal!


The diagonal-running tracks looked nice, but the supposed ‘twist’ looked like a lump of messed-up yarn.

Since I was also kinda unhappy with my back pattern and wanted it more, well, patterny, and I had been thinking the spirals need to go all the way around, not stop… I decided to pull the whole thing out and start over.

It’s a good thing I did.  :X

I took it off the circular needles and tried it on, to see how the sizing was going.  Um….


I discovered I could fit a few other people in it with me!  Oops.   I wrapped it around my shoulders and counted how many panels it took.  It seems I should be using 5 instead of 15.

No wonder it was taking up so many skeins and I had to order more yarn!  I was almost at the end of another skein, so I took it out and started wrapping a ball.

And, yes, ended up with a ball of yarn bigger than my head.


Well.  At least I’ll end up with something that looks nicer than this!  (I hope!)

(And now watch, Awen will yell at me for not checking gauge!  Well, I made up the whole pattern, how would I know what the gauge is?  Besides, I checked gauge for the hat and found out I had to use the biggest needles I had to get the right 4×4 swatch.  Then I started the hat and it was practically a yoked neck warmer!  :P )


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