Lined Nautilus Hat

Return of the Nautilus Hat.


Finally, I got this done!  I thought it was going to look like an absolute mess, because I KNOW the pattern is messed up soooo many different ways.


Anyway, in our last episode, the Nautilus Spiral Hat was too thin with holes in it for winter outdoor use.  (Yes, I wear it indoors.)  So I decided to make one with a lining.  And, brilliant me, I thought, “Hey, if it had a bright pink lining, that would show through the holes.  COOL!”


So I followed the top-down pattern by Marnie McLean, but didn’t put in holes.  Then I switched to purple for the brim, because… why not?  I like purple, too!  (In case you couldn’t tell. :X)  These are in Caron Simply Soft yarn, my favorite!



Then I followed the bottom-up pattern on the outside.  I thought I would like the ridges and holes spiral better than the just-holes one, buuuut…  turns out I don’t.




And the holes are too small to see the pink through!  :/  I need a pattern with bigger holes.  Or, I guess, bigger needles.  (This is done on a size 7, I think.)




Below, I tried turning the hat inside out and putting the original one over the pink.  Which works a little better.





At any rate, the hat is DONE, and I don’t imagine I’ll tear it out and try to start over :X   And it is very snug and warm!  :)

If I make another one, I’ll do the top-down nautilus and then go up the lining.


Meanwhile, I have a design for a neck warmer that has a yoke so it drapes over the shoulders and chest.  That’s in soft chunky wool that is even softer than Caron Simply Soft yarn!



3 Responses to “Lined Nautilus Hat”

  1. BunnyD Says:

    The inside out one is great! The ridges are more pronounced.

  2. Lovely Strife Says:

    That is fantastic!

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