The Good Week, part 2

the week is not over, people!!!  it’s barely thursday morning and…. THE SAGA CONTINUES!

wednesday night update:

i go to log into star stable, to feed my horses.  i decided not to play it much this week, as my left hand is swelling up from the repetetive stress.  anyway, i go to the site, star stable is down.

they tried to post a big christmas update, and something went screwy, and they were there in sweden past midnight trying to fix it.  :X

oh, so then i finished downloading the game tera, and i spent 2 hours playing that.  yeah, with my hand i’m supposed to be resting!  ARGH!

thursday morning:

i call…  well, i was going to be nice and not mention any company names but… TRACFONE support again.  i skip all the rigamarole and go directly ( so i thought) to the tech support.  no, they have a robot gatekeeper too.  first, i try to ‘check the status of your ticket.’  please enter the ticket number.  well, yeah, the guy didn’t give me one.   i try putting in the serial number.  it gets confused.  i try to find out how to go back on the menu.  finally i say screw it, and hang up to dial again from the start.

none of that nonsense, i go to the robot gatekeeper for the actual person assistance.  it wants my phone number.  i give it.  it goes, ‘that’s not a tracfone number.  enter the phone number of the tracfone.’  i give it.  ‘no, that’s not a tracfone number.’  and then i get into an argument with the robot voice and yell, ‘yes it is!’

the robot voice goes… ‘okay!  i will connect you to customer service.’  and flees.

i get a real person.  he wants the phone number, i give him that, but then explain what’s going on, and i’m supposed to give him my old serial number so he can look at the case notes and finish transferring my minutes.

those don’t exist.

well, what’s the serial number of the new phone?  that exists at least.  then he goes, ‘did you mean to transfer your phone number when you did the transfer of service?’  well, yeah, DUH.  apparently, that wasn’t done.

he needs to futz with the system.  fine.
meanwhile, i go onto the web site and try to log into my account.  at first, it doesn’t know me, but i might have typed in my password wrong, one-handed.

on my account i see my old phone serial number.  see, it DOES exist!  it’s status is deactivated.
where’s my new phone?  not there.  well why not?  it was the other day when i tried to switch service online, and input the serial number and a nickname.

is your phone not showing up?  click here.  i click here.  i enter the serial number.  it tells me i’m not allowed to use the serial number of my current phone.  wtf?  it’s not my current phone, it’s my new phone.  and if it IS my current phone, then where the hell is it on my account?

after 20 minutes of talking with somebody, the CS guy on the phone comes back.  he says we can’t finish transferring the rest of your minutes.  i say, ‘when can you do it?’  he says, ‘we can’t do it.  those were on the old phone when it was deactivated, so those were bonus minutes.’


bonus minutes, my butt!  i had the effing phone for like ten freaking years, i bought…  okay, i had the occassional bonus 40 minutes here and there.  but seriously!?!?  so i tell the guy, okay, can you just reactivate my old phone that has all the minutes on it?  ‘sure,’ he says.

two minutes later he goes, ‘you need an airtime card to finish reactivating this phone.’  wtf!?  oh HELL no.  i just bought a flipping one year service card!  he goes, ‘well, you can get the cheapest one, which is ten bucks.’

i can’t deal with this.  i just go, ‘know what, i’ll call you back.’  and then i hang up.  not angrily, but i hang up.  just… NO.

not today, pal!

ah, and the day is young!!


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