The Good Week


for your entertainment…

sunday night i said to myself: “i’m going to have a good week this week.”  the power of positive thinking and all that.

the universe said: “HAHAHAHHAHA!  you THINK that’s what’s going to happen… you poor, sad, deluded fool.”

monday:  nothing too bad, too onerous, too disasterous.  i just keep dropping things.  misplacing things.  fumbling things.  tripping.  just enough to ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF ME ALL DAY.

i get a bill from the vet.  i think, oh no!  i thought i paid for all the tests there at the office when i was there.  but… why are they charging me for my cat’s “cardiac BNP – canine”?  i can’t deal with that right now, i have stuff to do in second life.

in second life, i’m setting all my vendors for a 20% off december sale.  i select all the ones to apply this to, to mass edit them.  only… it already says there’s a 20% discount on… well, at least ONE that i’m editing.  :X  how long has THAT been there?!?!

well, i get that done.  then i go to switch my cell phone service to this new phone i got on amazon.  i punch in all the numbers on the web site.  i punch in the codes on my phone.  i input mystic code numbers that spit out.  everything works!  then it tells me it is going to transfer 1090 minutes and 297 days of service to my new phone.  do i agree?  oh HELL no.  i want ALL of my three thousand and twenty-one minutes, thank you very much!

i call customer service.  i get put on hold, naturally.  then it wants me to see if i am eligible for a great deal!  am i over 50?  no!  gimme a CS rep.
hold music.
then it is telling me i can get a rebate coupon!  a 100 dollar rebate coupon!  get out my credit card, because this marvelous rebate coupon only costs $1.98!  wtf?  rebate coupon?  pfft.  i spent like 17 dollars on this fool phone on amazon, they ain’t gonna give me no 100 dollar rebate!!
then it gets off the hold music and tells me that if i’m having trouble with my search, i should press star and hang up, and someone will call me.  wait.  what???  search?  what search?  my search for a CS rep?  my search for a new phone?

i look at the phone number i wrote down.  i look at the phone number on the screen.  oops. :X


i call customer service. i get put on hold, naturally.  no wait!  first… the little robot guy is going to walk me through transferring my phone service, if i punch in all the numbers and yadda yadda like i already did on the site.  which i do.  little robot guy is actually pretty good, he doesn’t sound like a robot reading off numbers back to me.  except he can’t understand me saying ‘yes.’
meanwhile, we get to the end of this procedure, it says, hang on a moment while i look up information on your phone….
la la la…
then he comes back and says, ‘you need to talk to a representative.’  well no duh?  ah well, i could have HOPED.

now i’m on hold.  i’m at my job.  i put the hold on hold to answer 3 phone calls.  (actually, i put robot guy on hold. good thing he is patient and was repeating the step we were on when i got back to him…)  then after 20 minutes, i said, this is ridiculous.  i’ll call on wednesday.

tuesday:  now tuesday was good!  i painted snow!  (and it actually looks good this time!)  i painted gems.  i fixed a helmet.  i was so happy!

i finished the second try of the first part of my mom’s hat i’m knitting for christmas.  since the first one was SO huge, i thought the regular one probably wouldn’t really need a lower back hem, so i left it off.  i had to knit backwards a while, but eventually, i got to the end.  of the first part.  the next part is knitting a brim onto this sucker…  anyway, so i put it on my head.  gee, it was a bit small… :/  didn’t cover my ears, really.  argh.

well, there’s no help for it, i will have to carry on.  and if it’s too small, do it again with needles sized between the ones i first used and the ones i used this time.

i decided not to play star stable too long — in fact, not at all this week, because my left hand is swelling up a bit.  too much video gaming.  :X  so i was bored.  watched some tv on netflix.  yawned my face off.  i went to bed at 8:30.

well, sometime after 8:30, since i had to run up and down the stairs for umpteen things i forgot….

wednesday:  the power was out overnight for 3-4 hours or so.  no, i use a travel alarm, so it went off on time.  i was TOTALLY zonked and still tired even after going to bed early!

my router is finicky, and it hates being without power.  but it appeared to be working all right….  i unplugged it to make sure it reset after the modem was on. (which is the wrong order, which i will find out a few hours later…)

i could’t remember the IP address of the thing to get to the control panel.  it was no longer in my browsing history.  (it’s been THAT long since i’ve had any trouble with it!)  i turned on my downstairs computer, where i had actually bookmarked that.  that computer doesn’t like to do anything when it can’t connect to the network.

i gave up and turned it off.

i did something upstairs to make it work.  or so i thought.  i came back downstairs and turned the computer back on.  there is my router, why doesn’t it auto connect?  i press connect.  i connects.  yay!  i go to my router IP bookmark to read the router info…  wait…  why does it say: encrpytion: none?  why does it say some android something or other is connected to my network!?  ARGH!

i go back upstairs, turn that machine back on.  i try to get into the admin tab of the router.  it doesn’t know me.  it doesn’t like any or all iterations of my username and/or password.  @#($*&#$%!!!

i go downstairs, where i can google how to reset the mofo.  30/30/30.  yes, i know what that means.

i go upstairs and do that.  yeah, while everything is still turned on and connected, so sue me.  :X  i THINK i do it.
i go to the admin with the root password.  that works.  whew!  and I’M SMART!  i have a backup file of all the router settings, all i have to do is load it.

if i can remember what it’s called…
if i can remember where it is…
uhm… i know!  i will press this ‘backup’ button, and it will give me a hint as to where it may have tried to put this backup and what it might be called.  pale moon pops up and says, ‘you’re trying to run a bin file.  how do you want to do that?’  well hell!  if you dont know, i don’t know!

i open editpad to go searching around for only txt files.  or only all files.  wait, my brain suddenly flashes!  not in ‘notes’ look in the ‘term’ directory!  whew!
i load the restore in form there and restore it.  YES!  reboot the router!


reboot the computer.


reboot the router after rebooting the computer.


peer at the router and wonder WTF?  wait… that light…. it’s… blinking.  on.  off.  on. off.
I KNOW THIS!  yes, i have a blog post exactly about this and what to do about it, and it is SO SIMPLE to fix!

presuming i could remember what the simple fix is.
it’s on the… something tab.
i poke through tabs.  no, not that one.  no, too complicated.  no… i’m sure it will jump out at me?  okay, no.

all i have to do is get to my blog post where i will tell my future self what the SIMPLE TRICK is to fix this thing.  to do that, i need to get online.  :X

fortunately, i have a work computer!  and wordpress wasn’t blocked by the corporates software :X
YES!  go to wireless: basic; hit apply.  how easy is THAT?
light stops blinking.


my orange light is not on.
the router is not working.
i press the orange light button.  noooo.  no, that never works.

i press the button on the modem to make it stop modeming.  then restart.
no orange light on the router.
should i unplug the router and plug it back in?  NOOOO, the router HATES losing power.

i can’t get it.  i turn the computer off and hope the light will come on later.
meanwhile, i have to call the vet about this bill, and the phone people about this transfer.

i go back downstairs, and hmmm…  on my ‘blinking WLAN light’ post are links to related posts.  out of curiosity, i lookat the one about how to fix ‘slow loading web pages.’
you turn on the router FIRST,  *then* the modem!  THEN the computer!

back upstairs… good excercise!
i unplug the modem, i plug it back in.
blink blink blink.
blink blink blink blink.
blink blink blink blink blink.

the modem connects, and my orange light comes on!

i turn that computer off again.  (which is stupid, i wanted to leave it on all day and download tera.)
i turn on the downstairs one.
my day is off.

yeah, way off.

good news!
the vet thinks that just MAYBE this canine cardiologist charge on my cat’s vet bill MIGHT be in error….!
they’ll get back to me.
back to the robot on the phone switching thing.  back on hold. (on the right CS number this time. :X )  i get a person!  we do all kinds of number punching.
for a long time.  he asks me how many minutes i have. i  tell him.  he doesn’t laugh.  hmm.  hey, i’m going for a guiness book of world records here.  most unused minutes on a phone, okay?

now i KNOW this is going to work.  it worked on the site, just it didn’t transfer my minutes.  come on, work, work; universe, you can’t screw this up!  finally, he tells me he can’t transfer all the minutes at once, but he can do it in like 2 or 3 goes.  okay.  he sends over the first 1100 minutes.  my new phone is activated!  it pops right up and tells me so!

then he says the new phone activated, but on the system it is still ‘in transfer.’  so i will have to call back to get the rest of the minutes sent over.  well, wish me luck with that.  he put a note on my file, and says i just have to call and give the old serial number, and the tech will see the note and know that minutes still need to be transferred.

i can call back in an hour.

yeah.  maybe tomorrow.

i’m exhausted.


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