Divinity Talent List

 Divinity: Original Sin Quick Skills List

Just notes to myself on who has what.  At least, to start.  These can’t be ALL the spells…!



MAN AT ARMS======================

Battering Ram: straight-line rush through enemies @ 50% damage

Crushing Fist: smush! 3-4 dmg

Cure Wounds: +40 vitality nearby target

Divine Light: decrease will & str

Dust Devil: whirling blades @ 90% dmg

Encourage: Str, Dex, Int boost to allies

Melee Power Stance: dmg +25% toHit -10% +1ap


Ranged Power Stance:  dmg +25% toHit -10% +1ap

Ricochet:  10-15 dmg, branches to near target(s) <= 4

Tactical Retreat: jump 15m out of danger.


Fast Track:  temporary haste

Razor’s Edge:  stun target; 50% dmg

Walk in Shadows:  hide/invisible


Burning Touch: set fire 5-6dmg to nearby target

Flare:  7-8 heat damage


Minor Heal: 8 vitality to target over 4 turns

Slow Current:  slow a target


Bitter Cold: set chilled status, slow

HeadVice:  9-11 air damage; may cause blindness

Teleportation:  move target 15m away.  (15m up, drop for crushing damage)


Magical Poison Dart: 7-9 poison damage, may cause poisoned status

Midnight Oil:  create an oil spill

Summon Pet:  summons a spider


Bloodletting:  5-6 slash dmg, bleeding

Enfeebling Touch:  weaken target

Oath of Desecration:  give dmg boost to ally



One Response to “Divinity Talent List”

  1. drakulus23 Says:

    I love using rain and lightning to decimate my enemies with my water mage :].

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