I seem to have energy this week.  …!  How?  How did this strange turn of events come about?  I dunno, but let me list a few possible culprits.


First… I decided that when I got out of a depression and felt better, I would NOT stop taking my maintenance dose of St John’s Wort, which I take 3 times a week.  See, self, that’s what a ‘maintenance dose’ is for… maintaining a mood!  Normally, I would try to let my natural brain chemicals allow me to coast.  Which works, yeah.  Until the next mood crash.

Secondly… I’ve been trying this trick from The Water Diet.  This book is kinda iffy, since the author plugs his (expensive) water filtration doohickey quite a bit.  But in the interest of fairness, he includes other methods, such as the cheapest one… drinking lemon water.

I don’t understand exactly how it works… the lemon is citrus, which has citrus acid, but by drinking lemon water, it helps your body become more alkaline.  Go figure.  Now, biologist amonst you will know, it’s not possible to change your body’s pH balance.  See, but that’s the thing about the book.  It says that people are too acidic, and the body spends a lot of energy keeping it balanced to be more alkaline.  The theory is, if you become less acidic, you’ll stop using up all that energy.

Be that as it may.  I have a cheap bottle of (reconstituted) lemon juice, and I have a capful in about 8 oz of filtered water.  I don’t have it every day, but I’ve been drinking it for a couple of months, now.  I hadn’t really noticed anything… amazing.


I have noticed that… since the Daylight/Standard time change, I have been setting my alarm for my usual 6:20-ish-or-so.  But I’ve actually been waking up a bit before six.  (No, not from the cat. :X )  So I’ve been setting my alarm for like 5:50 and getting up.  Normally, that schedule keeps slipping later and later, but… haven’t had to do that.  Except on the days after a late night….

Want to hear something really freaky?  (Well, freaky to my future self reading this, not to you.)  This weekend:  Saturday… well, I was supposed to go to the grocery store and mow the lawn, but I got into a writing spate, so I did that until noon.  I also had to make pancakes….  Well, figuring I’d be wiped after mowing the lawn, I did those first.  And, somehow, still had energy to mow the lawn afterwards.  (Though I was contemplating skipping it and heading into a nap.)

I mowed (half) the lawn.  And… wasn’t all that tired.  I think I laid down for a couple of hours, or I had a bath (or both?).  But anyway, I didn’t even get on the computer until dinner time!

Sunday, I went to the grocery store, I sawed some branches off the tree/bush we have going by the porch.  Then I came inside and was on the computer, playing with my horsies.  Driving trucks in the mud.  I was going to meet Jester that night, so I should have taken a nap, but… I didn’t feel like it.  !!

So I worked on my digital painting a while.  And not only did I not have a nap, but I stayed up until 11-freaking-o’clock at night, typing in a chapter for G&B:R.  I totally was not tired.  Neither tired nor sleepy.  In fact, to me, it felt like around 7 or 8 pm!  In fact, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to fall asleep, and it wasn’t easy.  (I didn’t read, I wanted to rest my eyes.)

And I wasn’t even tired the next morning.  Wha???  How does THAT work?


I have also rebooted my creativity schedule.  Years agone, I figured out my optimal work schedule, which was to work 3 days and have a day off.  As a sort of experiment, I reinstituted that, on top of my job schedule.  Which is a little wonky, but on a work day, I will do my “work” (3d modeling, working on the digital painting techniques, and/or writing), and on my day off, I’ll goof off or do hobbies (ie: making jewelry) and stuff.

I didn’t think it was going to work on top of my job schedule.  I mean, I’m stuck at job whether I’m ‘working’ or not.  But actually, it has allowed me to buckle down and actually get stuff done.  Or at least work on it.  And sure, some days I get real frustrated real fast and have to quit, but… so far… I’m liking this.

In fact, when I’m stuck at job on a day off, I have a lot of time to waste, so… you know, I can even get back into Horse Racing Fantasy and stuff.

Actually, for my past two days off… I’ve been doing work.  Not cuz I had to work, but because that’s what I wanted to do with my free time.

First… I went to look at buying the hair that Seedee DeeDee uses all the time that I keep saying, “ooh, what hair is that?”  Well, I didn’t buy it because… frankly, I don’t have a character that needs it.  But RuntimeDNA was having a sale, and I happened to see a semi-related product… Little Fox’s Hair Modeling and Texturing tutorial bundle.  ON SALE.

Not just that, but… she uses Modo (which I actually have!) and Photoshop.  (Yes, I have that, too :P )  Like… OMG, a tutorial I can follow step by step!  (Well, I don’t have that UV thing she keeps talking about… :X  Yet…)  And, like… HAIR.  Hair for HUMANS.  Humans = Big Money.  (Animals = Niche Market.)  :X  I can make it for Poser AND Second Life.

So, naturally, I’m excited about that.  Always get excited about my “get rich” schemes.  :X

Where was I?  Oh, right!  So my first day off was on a job work day (try to keep up and not get confused between work and job), so I could work on the tutorial.  Which I did.  (Okay, it was slow going, because, frankly, I don’t use Modo that much that well.  But then when I switched to Lightwave… Boom, Baby!)

Today was another day off.  I went to the grocery store… contemplated going to WalMart….  But what I really wanted to do was work on my digital painting.  BONUS!  That went really well for me today!  Yes, not only did I not get frustrated, but I was actually happy with the results, and wanted to keep working.  I had to stop, though, because I was getting tired and unfocused.  But I feel so good!

It was even so nice outside when I went to water my salad garden, I was tempted to work out there a bit.  …!  Yes, I could have died from sunshine and fresh air exposure!  Eep!


My plan with staying on the SJW was to launch myself into a manic phase and try to stay there.  That didn’t work… But something is going right for me….  I’m happy AND awake.  Wohoo!




One Response to “Energy”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    i may have run into a little snag… i’ve been working a lot (on both the modeling and the painting), but i have not done any writing! (okay, i wrote another chapter for my one-shot, which came out of nowhere…) come on, you can’t tell me creative energy is finite, and i can’t do BOTH! urgh.

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