Salad Garden 2014

Yeah, not doing a good job keeping updated, here.


Celery:  we had two really hot days, and I was sick and didn’t water the poor thing… so the celery has gone kaput.  But it was growing along pretty nicely, I think.  I think better than ones that are cut all the way off.  They weren’t skinny little stalks, anyhow.

Cucumber:  we seemed to have fogotten that “Burpless Hybrid” is, in fact, a bush cucumber (well the label didn’t SAY, now did it?).  So my poor mom trekked back to Walmart early one morning only to find… they were all gone!  So.  back to the cucumber seeds.  These are Burpee Space Master, btw.

She put some of hers in a bucket and put it outside.  I think that’s how it went.  No, she had a terra cotta pot with no drainage holes.  So hers are in…. mud.  I put 3 in a plastic cup where I had punched holes, with some of my potting soil.  I got 2 sprouts.

I put the sprouts out in the pot today.  Plus I planted 3 more seeds in there, cuz it appears each seed only has one vine?  Last time I had cucumbers, I had five vines.

Carrots:  So what to do with this empty pot with no celery?  I figured what the heck, I will try to grow some carrots in it.  They’re vertical.  How much space could they need?  :X  They do want sandy soil, so I mised some sand in.  My mom didn’t know what kind of carrots to get (we totally didn’t research these things), so she got a medium-sized one.  75 days til harvest, it says.  Well… that’ll be in October or something… :X

Strawberries:  I dunno who’s been eating these, but it ain’t been me :X   They’re still putting out lots of flowers and I see plenty of tiny green fruit.  There’s one big fruit on there now, but it’s not all red yet.  And as of today, it hasn’t vanished.

Tomato:  I have to read the instructions on how to top my Early Girl, I think.  This thing is HUGE.  I have pruned off the lower branches, below the flowers.  I didn’t clip it down to five main stalks, though.  And yes, there are flowers, but last time I don’t think the first crop fruited, so I’m not holding my breath.  I am, however, trying to get them to pollinate.


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