Star Stable Racing

Wish I had been taping tonight’s race…


I went to Jorvik with Topaz.  Bolted out of the gate… ran my golden horse through the golden wheat.  Of course, everybody else goes straight over the jumps.  So I caught up to a white horse, who was faster than us…  except when I hit the slide(s) on that hill!  Whee!

I had the interface turned off, so I could see the paddock pretty well.  Looked crowded.  I went around.  The white horse cut across — and got stopped.  Sucker!  :X  Tearing around the houses, the well, down the straightaway…  Then a dark horse was coming up behind us.

Not faster than us, though.  But!  I clipped the car!  They passed us.  Now it was a chase through Stablebucks, and up the zig-zag.  Corner like a jaguar, baby!  But we still couldn’t catch up.  Then zipping around the fountain, serpentining under the stairs…. suddenly, we cut a sharper turn and came ahead on the inside!  We got ahead down the stairs, across the city.

I turned into the wheat fields, but they didn’t.  Probably gambling we’d clip the applecarts or the fence — which is a decent gamble, because lord knows I do all the time.  But NOT this time!  Sailed over the carts and fence and came in FIRST!





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