Butterfly Tests

I decided I wanted to use my polymer clay to make a purple butterfly pendant for a necklace.  How to do that… eh.

I traced the outline onto a piece of waxed paper and taped it to my WigJig.  Then used my 20g practice wire to make an armature.  It has two right angle bends that stick out the back, which is why i need to build the pendant on the jig, so those bits have somewhere to sit while the rest is flat.

The test butterflies are in green and yellow.  So I don’t waste my good purples :X  The first one is cut in the shape of the wings, the second one is free-form molded by squashing.  It’s a little difficult to put the wire through the clay and hit the jig holes just right… but I managed.

Then some really hideous attempts at making wing pattern designs.  BTW, they are 2″ wide by 1 1/2″ tall.  Hard to tell with the close-up photos.




Opacity test.  Magenta, Rainbow Glitter, and Infrared over green.

Opacity test. Magenta, Rainbow Glitter, and Infrared over green.

This is Sculpey.  I set it by boiling them 10 minutes.   Then painted with glitter nail polish that I got at the dollar store.  With the camera flash, they look kinda grungey.  But it’s Seashell gold and Green Glitter.  The Green on green turned out the best, I think.  The gold on yellow and green wasn’t bad, either.  Making dots was a bit iffy; I need to be more careful if I want to try that.

The bodies are Wired blue, and Diamond covered with Green Glitter.

I definitely need to try to make the wing pattern from a cane method.  But I’ve never done that, and I don’t know if I even have enough clay.  Oh, and my mom thought they should have antennae, so I suppose i should put a wire in for that, too.


I haven’t tested the breakage likelihood as I try to bend the posts into rings.  I’ll do that now….  Okay, they were sturdy enough.  The amount of wire sticking out, though, is not enough for a full ring.  I can attach a jump ring to the curve, though.  I suppose I should string one up and wear it around.

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