Salad Garden 2014


This year’s salad garden is… um, 3/4 here!  Apparently, bush cucumbers aren’t started yet.  I’ll be using my two huge pots and two buckets my mom gave me last year.  And in addition to my tomato and cucumber plants, I will be adding celery and… strawberries.  Okay, those aren’t for the salad.

I was thinking of trying for carrots, but they need thinner soil.  Plus, you can only start them from seeds.  Or broccoli or spinach, but…  that all seemed kinda complicated.  So I got Quinault Strawberries, which are supposed to have good harvests in the spring and fall, and some sort of trickle of production through the summer.  We’ll see if the birds get any….


Here’s my cost list so far… keep in mind, I’m reusing potting soil from last year.  Plus, of course, all my pots and buckets I already have.

  • $12.00     2 bags compost @  5.99 each  (I ended up only using one.)
  • $9.67        3 strawberry plants @ 2.98 each
  • $1.61         1 early girl tomato plant
  • $1.29        grocery store celery
  • $24.57     TOTAL


The celery I have is from the famous regrowing celery blog instructions, which you may have heard of.  Um, I didn’t use organic celery.  And I didn’t chop off all the stalks, I left the center ones intact.  They’re too small to eat, anyway.  It seems to be okay…. I had it in water for a week, but I didn’t see any roots or “amazing” fast growth of the leaves.

It didn’t die, so I buried the base in new potting soil in one of the buckets.  It still didn’t die, and the leaves seem to be getting some more height to them.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m a little worried that it’s too hot here in the summer for it to do well.  Celery seems to like it cooler.

The celery went out… uhm, in late April.  The strawberries and tomato went out today, May 10.

The strawberries already had a ripe fruit that I ate on my pancakes, and there’s another one ripening up now.  To Early Girl tomato is a smaller plant than I usually get, not even any flowers, yet.  But I think this is a bit earlier than I planted last year, so I went for a less advanced (and cheaper) one.


Oh, here’s a question… my bucket soil had a lot of centipedes in it.  I don’t know if those will hurt the plants, but I chucked out as many as I could, since I don’t like bugs.  Worms, okay, but centipedes?  Euw.  That was from them being stored in the basement/garage.  Next time I’ll put the lids on the buckets.


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