Happiness Journal


Once upon a time, I had a really good day. I wrote it here somewhere in my blog for future reference on things that may have contributed to that. It also occurs to me that maybe I should keep a journal of happy things, considering how depressed I often get. This way, when I claim the universe hates me and nothing good ever happens… well, I can look up stuff that I’ve forgotten.

Today’s happy story is courtesy of Star Stable. Did I mention my lifetime membership to Star Stable is the best 55 bucks I ever spent? So glad I did that. (So glad I did that on sale, but even not on sale… it’s a great game.)

So it was like my lucky day on Star Stable. I finally logged on early enough to get to the Jorvik championship. And, I have no idea how, but I came in second.

I took off with my trademark fast start. Which was sort of a mistake, because I still don’t know where I’m going on that thing. :X I ran to the left all by my lonesome, then I got to the shortcut down the side of the hill. I knew there was a shortcut there, but not exactly how short to cut it…. So I ended up riding down the side of the hill next to the road and hitting the containers at the bottom. That’s not the way to go :X

Then I tried to follow someone through the paddock, but I hit the fence. Went the long way around, buncha people passing me. I passed a couple people, maybe one on the bridge. But then I went the long way through the cafe, to avoid hitting the tables….

We cut some really good corners going up the zigzag to the top of the wall. Passed someone, there. Went neck and neck around the well, but then the other person hit the wall. Someone tripped on the stairs, passed them….

We dodged the wall of planters, passed someone else skipping through the doors (Topaz and agility FTW!)…. Then I said, “Hey, why don’t people cut through this wheat field here?” And discovered that they REALLY don’t want you to do that. They got those banner strings in front of the fences. And, as I discovered the other time I tried it, big apple crates in the way. :X But we jumped into the field, clipped the fence… jumped out, clipped the fence… and somehow were the second ones to finish.

Go figure.

The funny part of the story… the next day, when I KNEW what I was doing and where I was going…. Totally came in like 7th or 9th or something.

Anyway, but Tuesday, my lucky day (as I mentioned)…. After the Jorvik championship, I went back to Moorland. Got there early enough to do a practice run. Which we Aced perfectly! Got back to the starting area and I said, “Just did a perfect practice run; prolly gonna mess up big time in the race.”

But, no! In the race, we ran it perfectly AGAIN! Out in front, all the way, baby! Even on the hairpin turn; no crashing, no falling off the side. I started to worry a little bit just before the polebends, but naaah! Do it like we practice, Topaz! Whoosh! First place! HOO!

And that next day, the bad day? Did the Fort Pinta. Yeah…. I avoided the uphill hay TOO well and missed the blasted checkpoint.

But my happiness journal is about the GOOD races!


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