R.I.P. Firefox

and now, a moment of silence, for my dearly departed firefox…




for so many years, i have cheered the champions of open source, of alternatives to The Man (microsoft), of freedom from tyranny of popups and ads, of customization and add-ons for the masses. but no more.

i stopped updating firefox on my old machine at version 19, just before someone decided that hitting the ESC key should NOT stop all gif animations on a page. why? because… something. someone, somewhere, believes this is not proper behavior for an ESC key! clearly, this someone is not a cat. nor owns a cat. nor ever tried to swat those bouncy thingies going nuts on their screen.

i kept updating firefox on my new machine, in the forlorn hope that maybe someday they would return that functionality. or, perchance, someone would make an add-in to do so. (there is one, but you have to hit ctrl-m instead of esc.) HAH! fat chance. despite the population of users who believe ESC *should* stop animations, mozilla will not listen, and continues onward in changing their interface around. and making it worse.

oh, like the new ‘find in page’ monstrosity they have. i use that a lot with spellcheck.net on my fics. search for ‘alistiar’ on the page, fix it, and presto! and then when done, hit the little X right next to the find box to get rid of that bar. no more. someone decided that the X should go allllll theeeeeeeeee waaaaaaaaayyyy overrrrrrrrr on the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight side of my screen, nowhere near the other controls for the find box.

then the straw that broke the camel’s back. they stuck the downloads page into some window with the bookmarks. and also made it NOT pop up when you start a download. it does something else instead. and has glowing arrows somewhere or something. it’s just ugly crap. BUT, the good news was, you could go into the config and set it to use the old download UI, and get your clean, functional download window back.

until last update. where they totally castrated the old download window from firefox. on purpose.


and frankly… i have been wondering… with all this new, useless, ugly crap that i can’t stand going into firefox, and now not being able to even CHANGE that, as a user… why the hell don’t i just use IE??? mozilla used to be a bastion AGAINST the corporate monster shoving crap down our throats. no more. they’ve joined the bandwagon.


now i’m on palemoon. it is, in fact, the ‘firefox’ browser engine, only they’ve tweaked the open source, and threw out all the trash. no, ESC doesn’t stop the animated gifs; they still think that is ‘right.’ (bah.) and they don’t have that new thing with the array of your most-visited web pages in a grid when you open a new tab. (which is a darn shame, because i really liked that.) OH OH OH! I found where to turn that on! It is in the Tabs Options! OMG, Bloodsong is happy!!! ::dies of shock::

you can read the details on the pale moon page; but supposedly they took out all the bells and whistles (though the ‘themes’ still work, and now i have a dozen :X ), and the ‘accessiblity features’ (though they still have page zoom), and parental controls and stuff. they’re supposedly leaving out all the fluff and running a lean workhorse of a browser.

best of all, since it is the same open source code, switching to pale moon is insanely easy. you move/copy your user prefs and whatnots from the firefox directory to the palemoon directory. you start up palemoon, and shazaam!! you can’t even tell the difference.

except the top bar buttons are an older ‘look’ and the downloads window is right. :X

and yep! my adblock plus and noscript are all right here! my add bookmark here plugin, the status4ever plugin (to correct another visual blight mozilla put in), my silverlight; all right here.


we’ll see how long this honeymoon lasts…. but for now, pale moon is heading in a direction i like!

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