How To Motivate Bloodsong’s Brain

After looking at my poor Second Life sales records of late….  I decided I need to put out something new this Winterfest season.  And, having gotten a pretty good handle on 3D Coat, I decided that “something” would be a rideable polar bear.  Yes, in sculpties, not mesh.

Meanwhile, I sorta got sucked into creating some Arrow fan works.  And while working on some writing one day, I came across a line that reminded me of a song.  And then re-listening to the song made me want to do an Arrow music video.  Well, I mostly resisted that.  Mostly.  :X

Then I wanted to find a song to make a Dark Archer video.  You know, something Heavy Metal, violent and… well, that matches the Dark Archer’s personality.  And I drove myself nuts for weeks, trying to find something.  You’d think Blind Guardian would have some sort of heroic/dark archer character, wouldn’t you?  No.  Manowar?  Pfft, all hammers and swords, them.  What about Def Leppard’s “Die Hard the Hunter”?  Oooh!  Killer song!  Buuuuut, it’s about returning from war.  Which might work pretty well for Oliver returning from his 5 year exile, except it’s totally gun-centric.  Bah!

Judas Priest?  No.  Fight?  No.  Sabaton?? No.  Hammerfall?  No.  No no no.

Then it hit me!  I remembered this Dragon Age video for “The End of All Hope” by Nightwish.  Aha!  I never would’ve thought of Nightwish!  And I never would have put archery along with “The End of All Hope.”  But oh yes, it sooooo works!


Okay, back to the point!  I want to make this video, BAD.  But I said no.  No, you can’t work on the music video until you finish the Polar Bear!

Do you know how fast I been cranking out this thing?  It’s amazing!  I got the model done, I got the sculpties pulled off it, I got the legs posed.  Tuesday, I got the textures painted for everything except the legs.  Once I get those painted (I tried this afternoon, omg, they are a pain), all I have to do is finalize everything, import it into SL, assemble the sucker and throw in the scripts!

Now, Monday, I needed a “Green & Black” chapter finished up.  (That’s my Arrow fanfic.)  Brain was not cooperating.  I had to grab it by the scruff of its neck and shove its nose in it!  But that got done!  I was so happy, I let my Brain work on the intro pics for the music video.  And my Brain went nuts doing all that, plus assembling it all into Sony Vegas until late at night.

Tuesday, like I said, I did the textures.  I also got the next chapter of G&B started, up until some parts that were already written out.  So as a reward, I let my Brain do the sound FX for the intro.  Now the intro is totally killer!

Wednesday, I edited the textures a bit better, and fixed the rotation point of the jaw.  Now today, I needed to work on B&Z, plus polish up and post chapter 3 of Dragon Age: Torchwood 1.1.  So I told my Brain if it did a whole page of B&Z, it could put the music track into the video.  Lo and behold, I wrote a whole page and a half this morning!


But I’ve had to put my foot down.  No actual Music Video video work until the Polar Bear is DONE.

And my poor little Brain tried to paint the back leg this afternoon, it really did.  But I was a bit too tired to get that done properly.  Don’t worry, Brain.  This weekend, we’ll get it done.  Take a little break.  Oh, and write some more of that B&Z, and get the G&B chapter done so I can post it this Saturday.  :X


I’m just afraid of what will happen after I finish this video…  THEN how will I motivate my brain?  :/

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