My Spiral Nautilus Hat

So… my first hat was crocheted and VERY thick.  I like it very much, but the fact is, when I take it off and fold it up, it does NOT fit into my coat pocket like my store-bought hat does.   I finally finished my black/glitter leg warmers, so now it was time to dig out the special order of 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Grape Fizz I got from WalMart last year.


  I wanted a thinner hat, so I went trawling around the web and found this:
A Noro Spiral Hat by this nice Swiss person.    Whose “pattern” is a little advanced for me, so I traced the original pattern, Marnie MacLean’s Nautilus Hat.


I like the Swiss version a bit better, because it ends at the top and you can close up the hole, and it seems to have a ridge on the spirals.  However, since the MacLean version was easier to follow, I did that one.  Ah.. piccie!


Spiral Nautilus Hat


I did the medium/100 stitches version, because it was looking awfully small.  I thought it was still going to be too small, but Awen encouraged me to keep going, and lo and behold, it DOES fit!  It came out to a very nice size.
And I just did some ribbing for a fold-up brim, kept short so it didn’t cover the design.  I was actually doing ten stitches and a hole for the pattern, so that ended up being a 2/2/2/3 pattern, which ended up getting goofy, but… ha-ha!  I learned how to knit vertically!


Yes, instead of un-knitting backwards around and around and all the way down to where the purls changed to a knit and vice versa, i just dropped the stitch at the top of the row, and kept dropping it down until I could pick it up and form it the other way.  Hah!  Yeah, I’m Hot Stuff.  :P
Today, I tested the hat!  I was worried about the ‘ventilation,’ there, but Filambulle says the hat is nice and warm for winters in Switzerland, so hey!  Ha-ha, don’t think so.  I was taking the dog out, and I could feel the breeze on my forehead through the holes!  And that was before we got outside!  It’s freezing out today, and this hat is definitely too thin.


Ah well.  I still have 3 1/2 skeins of Purple Fizz left!  I can try another hat.  And now I’m making a neck gaiter out of the remainder of that skein.  Then I can make wristies and leg warmers, and have an entire set that matches!


Soon as I figure out the legwarmer pattern.  The one I tried to make was supposed to be a sort of slouch-style legwarmer, but uhm…  It doesn’t slouch so well, so it is just too huge at the top.  Today I wore them upside down, which makes the wide part fan out nicely over my black slippers, but… they’re going to get worn out dragging on the floor at the back   :X


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