Salad Garden 2013


August has been very cool this year. I even had to close the windows a couple of nights! But no frost yet. However, the garden is giving up the ghost.

The Celebrity tomato started out wilting, then the leaves all turned brown. It has some golfball-sized tomatoes on it, but none of them are turning. They’re gettin a very dark green.

The wilting and browning could be because of too little water, too much water, or damaged roots. To be honest, I think it is NOT happy in its little 5 gallon bucket.

The Patio tomato fared better, but now it has gone all brown as well. I moved it out of the corner and over into the sun. It has golfball tomatoes, but they are all turning dark green as well.

The Early Girl, which of course is in the big pot, is doing better, but its leaves are starting to go. It still has some nice palm-sized tomatoes on it, so I’m hoping they will turn. They’re still pale green.

The Bush Cucumber is wilting and turning yellow and brown and drying up left and right. Apparently, it has reached the end of its life cycle, as I researched here:

But that says the plant curls up and dies after the last fruit is harvested. Well, the thing still has 3 gherkins and a fingerling on it… I’m hoping those will get some size before I have to give up. Plus, there are new leaves and flowers growing on the end of the vines! The rest of the leaves are dried husks, but the ends of the vines….


Well, I think I’ll be doing some gardening this weekend… gardening in which I take the plants out of the pots (and buckets), and that’s the end of that. But not the Early Girl. I’ll try to keep that one going until the frost, if I can.


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