Salad Garden 2013


I ran out of cucumbers 2 weeks ago, but the vine/bush has some new young growth and lots of flowers, and now some fingerlings and gherkins.

The Celebrity is giving up the ghost. Whether from overwatering, underwatering, or root damage, or the roots just are NOT happy in it’s little bucket, almost all the leaves have turned brown and died. It actually looks worse than my mom’s Celebrities which, while scraggly, were at least still green.

The Patio’s tomatoes are not blushing. I’m not sure why. According to web research, really hot weather retards tomato ripening. But it’s been a relatively cool August this year.

The Early Girl has a lot of fruit, also waiting for them to turn. I’m going to have to start clipping the new flowers. Actually, I might have had to do that starting mid-August, according to this blog: Ripening Green Tomatoes, On and Off the Vine.

This also has info on how and when tomatoes ripen, and oh, how to try to ripen up green ones. I generally pick mine as soon as they blush, because I know they will continue to ripen, and they don’t need to be on the plant. Taking up resources. Attracting varmints. That sort of thing. I thought they had to sit in a sunny window, though this article suggests otherwise. Oops. Live and learn. Or, I guess, Surf and Learn.


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