World Gone Weird – For My Protection


So I needed to top off my bathroom cleaner spray bottle. I opened a brand new bottle of generic high-powered cleaning fluid stuff and was surprised to find a little foil seal under the cap. You know, like the kind you find on your pill bottles.

“Sealed for your Protection” it said. Well… I’m glad that they prevented anyone from sticking some caustic, poisonous chemicals in my caustic, poisonous chemicals, just in case I wanted to take a swig…??? Wha–??

Okay, so that’s probably a good way to prevent spillage of the chemicals on the way home with them. I guess? I thought having a factory-closed cap was good enough for that. Or don’t those caps usually have those break-away bits on them? I dunno, maybe this is cheaper?

But still, ‘sealed for my protection’? Really? Come on…


And from the land of Zen Spam, heed these wise words…!
Non-emotional body wraps for weight loss may be based on a story by Joyce Carol Oates.
If you build a good relationship are very low, while the other one didn’t. Other times the wedge lies on one side of a two-sided market, in which case, the children are male and older.

Wow, I never knew Joyce Carol Oates inspired non-emotional body wraps for weight loss. But, what if I prefer emotional body wraps?

I’m at a total loss to translate the second sentence. But if your wedge lies on one side of a two-sided market… you get different children out of it!


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