Salad Garden 2013 – A Tomato!


July 15! The first of the Patio tomatoes turned a pinkish-green, just about over night. Not just a touch of colour on the top, but a sort of all-over blush. I picked that sucker and brought it inside. It’s ripening up nicely.

The Patio tomato that my mom brought over was the one with the tomatoes already on it, that were already cherry-sized. So it’s no surprise this one went ripe first.

The Early Girl has some seriously big suckers. They’re still all pale green. :/ The Patio has tight clusters. The Celebrity is straggling along, with some really small tomatoes. And when I go out to water them, it looks wilted. The leaves aren’t dry, though, so perhaps it has too much water?


The cucumber is going good guns. Though I’m afraid it might be slowing down before I get any tomatoes! There was a big cluster of 7 in the middle of the vines. A couple are growing funny shapes because they can’t hang down. A few that are hanging outside the pot are getting really big, closer to 8 inches. Some in the middle went a bit yellow, though. They don’t taste too bad.

I’ve had a couple of starter cucumbers that grew to about 2 inches, but looked black on the base and white/prickly along the length. I don’t know if they were stunted or what. They didn’t appear to grow, but I left them on. Maybe they didn’t grow because the plants were supporting enough fruit already?

Since I’ve harvested some of the 7, I see more new cukes growing. I haven’t pollinated any — I haven’t seen any female flowers! But since the big bumble bee found the tomato plants, I think she’s been busy in there. That, and I have some strange little flies, gold and I think one is red… I thought they were just bugs and tried to shoo one out of a flower, but it got a little annoyed at me. Perhaps they are helping with the pollination?


No problems with the chipmunk. I haven’t refreshed my feline rodent deterrant at all. I dunno. Maybe I’m just lucky. :X



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