Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Hybrid Recipes


It occurs to me I should share my quick/easy/cheap ice cream maker recipes with the world. Since… you know, they’re so quick and easy. And relatively cheap.

Easy Frozen Yogurt

You grab a big (32oz) tub of vanilla yogurt (you can get plain, but it will be more tangy, less sweet), and a can of frozen juice concentrate (whatever size they are. 12oz?). Orange juice is really good if you love Dreamsicles(tm). Or you can get exotic ones like Peach.

You throw both of those together, stir it up, and then spin it up in your machine. You may need to make half of the batch at a time, if it’s too much to go in all at once. Voila’!

Note: once this has been sitting in the freezer a couple of days, it will get rock solid. In order to avoid rock-solidifying, you need milkfat.


Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream Hybrid

Right, so if you add some milkfat to the recipe, that will help it not solidify so badly. My favorite trick for doing this is to add a can of condensed milk. (One of those little cans it comes in, I can’t see the oz.) If that’s a big much for you, you can also try a pint of whipping cream.

With the tub of yogurt, can of condensed milk, and 3T of melted butter, you can make Butter Almond (or Butter Pecan), if you have the nuts.

With the yogurt, condensed milk, and some baker’s maple flavoring, you can make Maple Walnut. You know. If you have walnuts.

Remember to add the nuts in LAST, and only let them spin around until they almost-but-not-quite choke up your machine.


I have not researched how much fat, calories, sugars, whatevers these recipes have. They’re just quick and easy and don’t require any measuring. And they taste great!



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