Salad Garden 2013


According to research, my Burpless Hybrid Bush cucumbers ought to mature at 6″. I had one yesterday that blew up into something HUGE. Not quite 6″ I don’t think, but the girth on the sucker really went up.

The one I took for Solstice didn’t girth-up. It was very tasty! I think a little underripe, as it had a greenish tinge.

I harvested the big-girth one today, but I haven’t tried to eat it yet. Still no tomatoes.


The Patio tomato is still the front runner in the biggest tomato department. The Early Girl is starting to pea up a storm, and has got some green cherries already. The Celebrity is still small and spindly, but it’s put out its first branch of flowers.

I’m starting to think that “Bush Early Girl” doesn’t actually mean “Container Species.” :X I suppose I got confused with “Bush” cucumbers. The plant is big, it’s reaching the top of the junk stakes I have. My mom bought real stakes when she got pickle barrels for her tomatoes. So there’s these 5-foot stakes in the 5 gallon buckets….



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