Salad Garden Adoptees 2013


So the Early Girl is still blooming like crazy, and not fruiting. I tried pruning a bit. And then a bit more. I saw on the web that Early Girl might not fruit until August? That was for Wisconsin, though. And how is that early anyway!?

My mom was so concerned about my dud tomato plant, that she went and got more tomato plants and brought me two five-gallon buckets to put them in. Yeah, pickle barrels, basically. They are a lot smaller than my massive pots.

Anyway, she got a Patio tomato with two peas and a green cherry on it, and she got a four-pack of Celebrity that was only six bucks. Yeah, she wants to remember to go to Hoeffner Farms next year. (Though she might have been there at a clearance sale…!)


I had to chop one of the Celebrities free to put it in the pot. Well, it didn’t die. The Patio in the bucket is doing all right, and even putting out more peas. (Why can’t my blasted Early Girl do that!?)

My cucumber plant is going nuts. I’m wondering now if maybe I should have pruned out one or two of the starter stalks. I had to add more twine latticework going around the stakes and over to the railing. They’re trying to climb the house.

Anyway, I have a couple of 4″ cukes going already! Although some of the early ones that I (thought I) pollinated didn’t grow out? I’m wondering if I should just prune those off. …Ah, signs point to ‘yes’! I’m not sure how long to leave them on, I thought I read about 5″ for bush varieties. Though I can watch and see how big they are when they start to turn yellow… :X

I’m going to grab one this Friday for the Solstice. But I won’t have tomatoes for my salad! But I did get some celery at the grocery store….


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