Tomatoes & Cucumbers 2013


The early blossoms on the Early Girl all fell off without fruiting. :/ It’s grown taller and has more blossoms coming on now, though. They are definitely self-pollinating, so I’m trying to jiggle them to get that going.

The cucumber has grown massive leaves, which is a bit of a problem, as the cucumber prefers to get water right in its soil, not on its leaves. Seriously, they cover the whole pot. It’s also flowering! I have 2 or 3 female blossoms open. I think I saw one male blossom today, but I didn’t try to use it to pollinate the females, because… well, I want to see if more male blossoms bloom! Gardening is a game of patience.

I put twine on the stakes to form cages, though neither plant seemed to need them yet. Actually, it’s a good thing I did on the cucumber — need I mention the giant leaves again? It’s really filling out. I’ve seen pictures of cucumbers hanging from their vines/branches, so I don’t need to worry about them falling off from there. I expect.

Both pots have a good bit of mulch from mowing the lawn. Oh, and the chipmunk has been digging in there, just once. I don’t see any sunflowers sprouting yet… :X

I can’t wait to get me some fresh salad fixins!!!


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