Morph Methodology in 3D Coat V4.00.b15A-GL

NOTICE: it’s not working. this is not a how-to. this is an info dump on the steps i took and what went wrong. :X


3D Coat V4.00.b15AGL

Start in Surface Mode, open base obj.

Transform is selected. Move Only Gizmo to 0,0,0.

Scale 200% X 5

(non mirrored test)
Surface Tool: Expand 2x on R forehead

Adjust: Transform tool (preset tries to go to voxel mode) merging is okay, keeps its S status.

Move Only Gizmo to 0,0,0.
Scale 0.25% X5

Export: object (cancel on reduction).

—RESULT— (attempt vertex correction on)
um… it shrinks to almost nothing on the floor. NOTE: i don’t see the lump on the forehead. (but hey, the vertices are all in the right order!)

((undo back to 200%x5))

Symmetry on: X

Surface Expand Tool 2x on forehead.

same de-size & export as above.

—RESULT— (no vertex correction)
same. vertices in right order. no forehead lumps at all.
could i have mis-done the scaling???

((undo back to 200%x5))
export = giant moon head.

Try @ 4x 0.25%…
…still = atom-sized at zero

Try @ 1x 0.25%…
…exploding giant head. WTF??


okay, there’s clearly a problem doing incremental scales.

if 200×5 = 1000
then .25×5 =
OH! 200 = 2x, so un-200 = 50% OH! gah… duh… okay…

Try 50% x5…!
…exploding giant head. crap.

1000 2.5

start over
???why is it not sizing up the same size it just did a while ago???
RESTARTING x 3 or 4 or so

2000 1.25

2000 scale doesnt do anything.
doing it again, sizes up.
hitting undo doesn’t undo.
switching tool (pose) asks to merge;
saying no just blanks out the scene… ARGH.

okay 2000% not really doing 200% x 10, but i can see it if i zoom in a lot. onward.

merge yes works. camera can zoom-all and rotate bounding box.

surface expand x2, forehead.

scale: 1.25%

TEST-3DC-SmodeMir2.obj w/ vxCorr
wrong effing number of vertices.
it has
38,246 vertices instead of
38,290 (and a lot more freekin edges??)

112,857 polygons instead of
38,354 …its all triangulated!!! WTF?

importing the obj shows small head, down by knees, but WITH knobs this time, at least.

NOTE: the original mir obj has the correct number of vertices, but IS triangulated, and has 74,734 polygons. (not quite 2x).





RETOPO ROOM METHOD: explained to me as the proper method.

3D COAT V4.00b15A-GL

Start with Perform Retopology.
Import Retopo Mesh (w/o reference).
…i don’t see the mesh.
…zoomed to all, FOV to 1, it’s still a speck.

Instructions: “Hit Enter to commit to Retopo Layer”
…i hit enter, i don’t know what it’s doing.
there is the retopo group 1, and then groups/layers for all the material groups.

i’m selecting the top ‘retopo group’ layer.

Switch to Voxel Room
…i don’t see the object. (i’m not surprised.)

Instructions: “Merge Tool or Menu File: Merge, pick from Retopo Room.”

File: Merge Object
…brings up open file picker. no options to pick from retopo room.

Open Base Object.
…well, i see a speck already.

PROBLEM: this is not working without rescaling. can i rescale in the retopo room…???


Clear Startup Picker.
Go to Retopo Room.
Import: Reference Mesh. Select OBJ.
…well, now it is so giant, even focus all can’t see all of it.

Hit Enter. ???
…there is Retopo Group 1, but not the material groups or the UV Map.

Switch to Voxel Room.
Objects: Merge Tool.
…this brings up the Transform Controls.
…hidden bottom button is “Pick from Retopo.”
…tool tip says “Get Cloth Object from Retopo.” clicking button doesn’t do anything?
…i don’t see anything. scaling up doesn’t reveal anything.

…oh, maybe my retopo isn’t committed, so i can’t press the button?

Retopo Room:
Menu Retopo: Use Current Low Poly Mesh.
…well, now i have uvs…
…the skin polygons seem to be the only ones that are done.
…i did not find any commit commands.

Voxels Room:
Pick from Retopo Works!
…i can’t find the checkbox to link changes to the retopo.
NOTE: only available for Move Tool, Transform, and Pose

Switch to Surface Mode.

Adjust: Move Tool
…it wants to know if i want to merge into the voxel scene. i guess?

Move stuff to make the forehead lump/horn.
…this isn’t as accurate or smooth as the Surface Expand tool.
…Pose Tool with sphere selection works better.

Retopo Room:
…okay, i see the lump.
Export Retopo Mesh.

Import vxCorr On.


if i only wanted to use the move, transform, and pose tool in 3d coat, i could have gotten the same results with poser magnets.

??? try to see about moving the mesh in the retopo room, there seem to be tools to do that.
…brush isn’t moving anything. (is this the tool you use to ‘massage’ it to the voxels?)
…try using Retopo Mesh!
…okay, but they are sticking to the surface. :(
…i can’t decouple it from the underlying structure.

??? also, try sculpting in voxels then ‘massage the retopo mesh’ on them.

Merge Tool: from Retopo.
Surface Mode.

Surface: Expand Tool. Merge = Yes.
2 Clicks (boy is it ugly!)

Export from Voxels Room=
== one exploded head.
(but hey… it didn’t move/scale!)

…Brush is not sticking to lump.
…Snap isn’t doing dip.
…this crap aint working. auto snap is on. i tried from the side, and i THINK the mesh is trying to extend out on the lump, but most of it is crawling to the surface on the other side.


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