3D Coat 4b15gl Explorations


These are some notes to myself on today’s foray into 3D Coat. I’m using Version 4beta15-GL version. Today I’m trying to work out how they created the mannikin, that has symmetry across layers, rather than in just one layer.


I cleared the geometry from the LowerLeg_Left layer. Then I put in my saved Shin_Left. This caused the LowerLeg_Right layer to create a symmetrical copy. Are the layers somehow what are linked?


So I dragged the left shin and shank over to the left and tried to do a symmetrical clone. (Have to have symmetry turned on for that, you know.) It created a clone on the object’s local X axis.
So then I tried to move the symmetry plane back to 0. I held TAB, clicked the plane, and dragged, which moved the plane, but also pulled out a chunk of the geometry, because of the tool I had.
Hit Undo, the modelling got undone, the plane stayed where it was.
Subsequent holding of the TAB key had no effect on the plane, whether trying to click it or not.


Clone just means copy. No clones of any type are linked to transformations of the original. (as far as i can tell.)
–NOTE: in the mannikin, the right foot seems to be an “instance” of the left foot. if the whole right side is an instance of the left, this may explain how some of the modifications are carried from the left to the right.


Move Tool caused the mirrored side to update with changes to the original geometry.
Translate Tool does NOT. How to rotate new pieces into place? Must use Pose Tool?
NOTE: turning on symmetry does not make this work.
Pose Tool moves both pieces in symmetry, but see below about children.

Symmetrical Copy: This caused the left (selected) side body part to clone a copy onto this same layer, but in the original position/rotation relative to the current transform point. It also caused a copy of the object in the mirrored layer. Both (all 4) objects react to edits on the first object.
Perhaps this means that copy is the clone tool?
NOTE: Clone with Symmetry (right click menu) is NOT the same as Symmetrical Copy (bottom icons)! Clone with Symmetry caused the layer to be duplicated, with all attendant children layers. The hand and fingers got really lost and out of place. (This could be because I had two arm objects on the upper arm layer, that had already been symmetrically copied. Plus I had symmetry turned on, too.)


Okay, I posed the left toe after transforming the left foot, but before transforming the right foot. The Pose Tool selection colour is still stuck on the left toe. (It turns black when it is inactive.)
Now I tried to pose the shank, but the Pose Tool selection is stuck on the toe. Even if I hit Clear Selection on the tool controls.
I’ve managed to get the Pose selection off the toe by activating the Pose Tool while the toe was selected. However, now it won’t work to select the shank.

OH, okay! It thinks my Left Shank is actually the Lowerleg_Left. My Shin is apparently no longer on… any layer?

All right, but the transformations (scaling) aren’t being propagated to the children. That should have worked? I used the Pose Tool across two objects… though they were on the same layer. :/


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