2013 Tomato & Cucumber


So growing tomatoes in my pots isn’t too hard, but I always have to buy cucumbers to make a start on a salad. So this time around, I decided to try to grow a cucumber plant in a pot. I thought I might have to make a twine lattice the vine could try to grow up on, onto the porch railing, but instead I have discovered bush cucumbers. That’s right, cucumbers you can grow in a pot!

I got a Burpless Bush Hybrid cucumber at WalMart. My mom said that was good to get, because she thinks “Burpee” and “Burpless” refer to how much gas the vegetables give you, rather than the company name… :X The plant had about 5 stalks with two big healthy leaves and two wilted dead leaves on each stalk. I’m not sure if that is normal or bad… but there wasn’t much choice there that day.

I got a Bush Early Girl tomato at Adam’s Fairacre farms. (Walmart was out of tomatoes; told ya htere wasn’t much choice there that day.) I haven’t tried this type, and I’m not sure it’s really a container version, but what the heck, I’ve grown non-container tomatoes in my containers before anyhow. Oddly, I didn’t see any Patio tomatoes at Adam’s.

This one has a couple of flowers on it already! Of course, now I worry that my cucumbers won’t produce the same time I have tomatoes ready to harvest. So who knows.

For posterity, I’ll let you know I paid $3 for the cucumber and $4 for the tomato.


And $11 each for two bags of 2 cu.ft. Miracle Grow Potting Mix. Okay, posterity self, remember this! My pots take a total of THREE cubic feet. Not four. So next year, buy like 1 cu.ft. of compost and mix it with the leftover potting soil.


I transplanted the plants in the pots on Saturday, May 11. I didn’t know how deep to put the cucumber, so it just had a half inch or so over top. I buried the lower two stalks of the tomato, and could have buried a third, but I didn’t want to cut off too many leaves while the flowers were already flowering.

I gave them a full can of water, split between them. Then of course it rained afterward. They didn’t seem over-soaked, however, so I’m not worried.

The only thing I wonder is how I’ll feed my tomato, without giving it to the cucumber. Apparently, it’s not a great idea to give cucumbers tomato food.


Ah well. Here’s hoping for some home-grown summer salads!


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