Torchwood Dream: Ghost


I had another Torchwood dream last night. It was in a department store after hours… some of the cleaning ladies were trying to swap jobs… and we were joking about which one of us was the ghost.
Meanwhile, Capt Jack is poking through the men’s department, looking for the big & tall section, because he’s apparently trying to hunt down Darth Vader. He’s trying to explain a breath mask to Gwen.

Then there’s some screaming, and out the back door, there’s a trail of corpses. So we start running like hell, and I can tell Jack is kinda looking at me, like who the hell is this? (Cuz no, I’m not working for them in this dream. Yet.) But we’re running too fast for him to tell me to get lost. especially since I’m faster than him. :P

We get out to the parking lot; there’s some trees/bushes in an island thing; it’s night out, but there’s lots of parking lot lights. Someone else is screaming somewhere, and Jack and Gwen go to check it out. But I think I see the ghost/alien hiding in the bushes.

And then it’s going, ‘yes, come over here in the dark where I will have the upper hand!’ And I know it’s going to attack me. But, although it’s invisible, parts of it are glowing, and I can see the glow. And it ain’t that dark. (Or I just have superior night vision.)

I look around for some kind of weapon to use against it. I see this broken compact mirror… with butterflies etched in the back. And the ghost alien is taunting me about trying to find something to hurt it with.

It zooms out and hits me with a claw in the crook of my elbow. But I have the mirror, and I can see the sucker, so when it tries to attack me again, I jump out of the way and slam the mirror closed on it.

Then the mirror is more like the size of a hubcap, and I can see the alien inside it now, and I’m beatting the crap out of it. Either through the mirror, or just banging on the mirror. It has a wolf-like head, with horns that swoop down the sides, and it has long spindly arms with one long pointy claw on the end. (which is also glowing a lot, so i wonder if it poisoned me when it cut me.) And teeny little dragon wings. And then the bottom of it kinda petered out. I guess it had stumpy little legs.

It screamed when I was beating on it, that I broke its legs. Then I was trying to break its neck. I think I wrenched its head… But I didn’t really believe it was dead, just trying to get me to let my guard down, so it could jump up again.

Anyway, that’s all there was to the dream.


Actually, thinking about it, it might have been inspired by this….



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