Spring Equinox 2013 and Socks


Happy Spring Equnox!

Yeah, well, it’s over; I was having a day off and trying to relax and have fun. A buddy of mine insisted on celebrating the equinox by dying eggs. I agreed, because we were both depressed, and that sort of thing is good therapy.

Naturally, I didn’t want plain coloured eggs. I wanted swirly marbled eggs like we made when I was a kid. Also naturally, I didn’t want to put out any bucks to buy those kinds of egg dyes. :X So I… experimented. With water, vinegar, canola oil, and food colouring. Well. The pink eggs are nice, anyway. :X



In other news; I finished my first pair of knitted socks with heels (my second pair of socks ever). They look a lot rattier when you’re not wearing them. I think I have the heel pattern where I understand it, but it’s still a pain. Although I might have to try this other pattern at Heidi Bear’s.




Tip when doing the sides of the heels: do NOT yank the knit slip stitches nice and regimentally tight. You’ll never be able to pick them up and knit on them! :X



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