My Hat


For some crazy reason, somebody got me back into knitting and crocheting things again… well, it keeps me occupied while my brain vegetates while watching Netflix… :X

I should keep a log of my projects here. After all, how else is anybody gonna look at ’em? Except one person in my Brain.

So…. This is my first hat! It actually fits! It’s so cool! Well, I mean, it’s very warm.

Oceana Hat

I didn’t think it was going to fit, because I got the crown done and tried to put it on my head. Well, it fit, but it felt like it was sucking my brain out…. I made the brim pretty big, because I wanted to make sure it came down over my ears. But I seriously thought I’d have to do the crown over again.

But, no. I persevered in finishing the whole thing and attaching the brim, and tried it on. Voila! It was like magic! My first hat!


This is actually a crocheted pattern. I tried it with black sparkle yarn, but I could not see a blasted thing I was doing. And you have to count a lot on this pattern. And do math! The crown is made in a spiral. Oh, and the spiral got… a little… uh, well, there’s a lump in it for my ponytail. That’s it.

Then the brim is made separately, with two strands of yarn. It’s supposed to be sewn into a circle, then sewn to the crown, but I just crocheted the seams together.

Oh, if you see a misshapen lump on the front, that’s my crocheted buttefly. I think I’ll make one of those on eacy of my projects, as a sort of signature. It’s a pattern I created the day I learned to crochet. No, really. Crochet is very simple. Lines and scallops. The butterfly is just a line with some double, triple, quadruple crochet stitches to make wings.

Besides, I needed something to be able to quickly tell the front from the back. This hat is very bulky, so I have to unfold it to shove it in my pocket. Then re-roll the brim to put it on. It doesn’t *really* matter which end is the front, I suppose. The little “lump” in the spiral is hardly noticeable.



2 Responses to “My Hat”

  1. Awen the Amazing Says:

    Maybe you could make the bfly out of another colour! =)

    • bloodsong Says:

      if i wanted to show it off, yeah. but i don’t, really. it’s meant to be subtle.
      although there’s a lovely pattern for a crocheted rose i could put the butterfly on….

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