Bloodsong’s November Writing Project 12 Final


Well, I’m not sure if this November’s project was a failure or a success or something in between.

On the positive side, I got a lot of writing done. On the negative side, I didn’t make much progress on the two stories I wanted to work on. On the positive side, I did get two new short stories written on the last two days. On the negative side, neither was what I wanted to do, neither is exactly finished, and even if they were, I can’t publish them without screwing up the publishing schedule I wanted for my Dragon Age: Torchwood works.

On another positive side, I realized that I could work more on my writing, at different times, to get better results. On the negative side, my Brain is still latched onto that last story that’s not quite finished, and not focusing on what it’s supposed to be doing this week.

So I am a very confused person. Yay? Boo? Who knows!?



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