Bloodsong’s November Writing Project 12 Week 3


Nov 19: DA:TW ep1, DWTW-V
Nov 20: –FAIL–
Nov 21: DA:TW 21T
Nov 22: DA:TW ep1
Nov 24: DA:TW ep1

This is the last week in November. I can tell you right now, the Doctor Who/Torchwood story is no way going to get done this week. In fact, in the middle of last week I fell right out of the mood to write it. It’ll come back, though.

The Dragon Age: Torchwood has been a big pain in the butt. The plot will NOT settle down. And some of the plot is stupid. If you look at it too closely and think about it. Going to have to stop thinking about it. And bits need to be rewritten. A lot. This writing is the messiest piece I have done in… ever!!

Details in my Dragon Age blog post.


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