Bloodsong’s November Writing Project 12 Week 1


Okay, it’s NaNoWriMo, or as I like to call it WoNoWriMo, since the people I know who do it are in different countries…. Anyway, I still can’t churn out 50,000 words in one month because of my RSI (repetetive stress injury, not railroad something!). Last year, I started a Post-A-Week pact over on BioWare’s Dragon Age boards. And last November, I posted a new chapter of Bannon & Zevran each week.

That’s not going to happen this year. I’ve been bogging down with that story, and unable to get them out every other week. :/ As I mentioned in my Dragon Age Blog, my brain tried to totally derail me again with a dream about Torchwood at Halloween, and an expanded story based on that. On top of everything else I’m doing!


I have now decided that this is my November Writing Project:
Each morning (on weekdays, at least), I will wake up and write one page of whatever my brain is thinking of. No matter what story, or what episode, what book or chapter, or even if it is crack.


So far, this is is how it went:
Nov 1: 1 page of B&Z, current chapter.
Nov 2: 1 page of DW/TW-V, a pivotal scene in the middle of the beginning somewhere.
(weekend: I goofed off. no, wait…!)
Nov 3: 1 page of DA:TW, in the Miracle Day episode.
(sunday, I goofed off. I think.)
Nov 5: 1.5 pages of DW/TW-V, a continuation of that scene that happens elsewhen.



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