Bloodsong’s Quick Posing Secrets


I was asked on deviantArt for some tips/tutorials on posing in Poser and D|S. I hope this quick guide is a helpful starting point!

New! Now with a video tutorial!


Someday, you will have been using Poser/D|S as long as I have (::coughdecadgecough::), and you will have built up a HUGE repertoire of Free Stuff.

That isn’t as easy to do as it used to be. A lot of the free stuff has been drying up. DAZ used to have a page full of free stuff, and there’s supposed to be a weekly freebie… but darned if I can ever find those. There used to be tons of Poser sites, large and small, with freebies.

The largest collection of Free Stuff, that I know about, is on



The first thing you want to do at Renderosity is check the Free Stuff section for Structure’s goodies. There are other poses and pose collections. But Structure’s romance and dark and fantasy sets were inspirational in a few of my Bannon & Zevran works (like “Lust Kiss” and “Passion Kiss”). And, heck, there’s even a rude gesture set.

Structure has some really amazing couples and duos poses. I thought it was going to take forever to pose Bannon & Zevran snuggled up in bed together. Well, it probably would have, if I started from scratch. But I happened to find a M4/V4 pose that was exactly what I wanted — except standing up. It took me less than a day to make the whole “Second Favorite Thing” picture.

If you are using M4 and V4 characters, you’re set to go. If you’re using other characters (like M3 and M3), you’ll need to do some adjusting. That ain’t bad! Compared to starting from scratch, it’s just a lot of little tweaking.
NOTE: These poses are great, but I do have to point out that Structure does not build them with limits turned on, and does not follow the Posing Rules.



Forearm — NEVER use the side-side. To turn the forearm, twist the shoulder.
Hand — NEVER twist the hand. To twist the hand, twist the forearm. (Watch your own hand as you twist it, you’ll see your forearm moving. Now try twisting just your hand, using your other hand. Now go to the hospital to get a cast….)
Shin — NEVER use side-side. To get the knee to point out or in, turn and bend the thigh.
Foot — You can turn the foot, but you’ll get a more realistic pose if you twist the shin.

NOTE: You can break these rules *a little* if there are outside forces acting on the pose. For example, if the hand is grabbing a large valve and trying to turn it, pressure against the valve may allow the hand to twist (about +/- 3) a little. Or hugging someone might push their forearms out.




You can save a hand pose in the Hands library, but did you know you can save any segment(s) of the body in the Pose library as a partial pose? Well, you can!

Back in the day, I bought a Multi-Pose Construction Set. You can get several PCS’s from W H Whitney on DAZ. The older M3 and V3 sets are cheaper, and the more generic.


With these, you can pose the arms, arm parts, legs, leg parts, and torso all separately.

And remember! You can expand these libraries by saving your own poses and variants of them! For example, when I was working with Bannon on his DA:Torchwood promo poster pose, I picked a male model pose with a wide stance, and then went to the MPCS libraries to get a pair of arms I had made holding a gun.

Two clicks and done! (Well, except for the tweaking.)




Figures load with leg IK on by default. IK by default is a big PITA to work with. Make sure you turn it off before starting.
NOTE: Turn all IK off, then re-save the figure. That should let you load it without IK, unless you’re using a really old version of Poser, when we had to tweak the CR2 in order to fool Poser into not turning it on.

Understanding IK is easy! IK is simply nailing the hand/foot into place in 3d space.

Let’s say you just spent two hours posing one figure’s hand gently touching the other’s cheek. But then you decide that figure ought to be leaning forward more. If you bend the abdomen, the whole upper body goes with it. Oh no! CTRL-Z!

Here’s what you should do: Turn on IK for that arm, then bend the figure’s torso. The hand will stay stuck in place while the arm flops around. Obviously, this works best with small, slow changes in pose. When you’re done, turn off IK and then fix the 298-degree twist Poser stuck on the hand. (Seriously!)

Depending on how your arm is bent to start, the results may work or may be hideous. If they are being hideous, try pulling at the arm parts in the direction you want the elbow to go.

Posing limb parts with IK on have been compared to trying to wrestle a stubborn python. Remember, when you get tired, turn the IK back off and adjust the pose piece by piece!



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