Bad Handwriting vs Typos


I have Rite Pen, a really great handwriting recognition program that I got when I injured my elbow and couldn’t type. (Yes, I type with my elbow, hush!) I’ve been using it again this week, because I hurt myself again, typing too much with no breaks.

Handwriting is much slower than typing. A lot of time goes into adjusting what the interpreter believes you wrote. (See also: Handwriting Recognition’s Greatest Misses.) I wanted to take a break from writing in my story, so I sent my friend an un-corrected message from the pen. I did this because I am always snickering at the ‘corrections’ her tablet makes when she tries to type with it.

I have to admit, even tablet typing is more comprehensibe. Here’s the message I sent:


Take this, silly tablet spell-checker! I daunt You with handwriting recognition. And really hold howdwritirg! Because it just lips typos AND thrips dictionary.

v L And lived a break from all this correcting.

No,xhisdoes net man or, does not mean I will never snide at your tablet typus again. Just.” You am rwereserge on have relent even. Revenge, dammit.

Shairdap. men. BAH! I girl up. Crowd. oMG fm incoherent

Enjoy! Any idea what I was saying? LOL!



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