So, my buddy got a tablet and was telling me about this Clouds and Sheep game. Sounded cute, like Sheepy the Esheep. Well, they’re uglier than Sheepy, though. But I went nuts trying to find a PC version.

Which is when I found BlueStacks. This is an Android emulator for your PC. I have found that “apps” don’t ever have much in the way of documentation or instructions. Following along in this tradition, BlueStacks doesn’t seem to have any, either. But it is still in Beta.

Make sure you read the terms, including their collection of your computer data, and if you give them a mobile phone number.

I’m dutifully testing it. Not, you know, just downloading tons of free games and wasting time playing them. :X

The one on my nVidia video machine has horrible flickering problems. Though I can play Angry Birds and Pottery if I practice blinking in time to the flickers. :X The one on my older machine with the ATI card doesn’t flicker, but sometimes it runs very slowly. When I first loaded Sheep and Clouds, it ran about 5 fps. However, when I ran it later, it worked fine.

At any rate, it’s fairly straightforward. Tip: don’t immediately go and delete every app on there that you don’t recognize. Some of them are store interfaces that you need to get the games. :X Well, how was I to know? Now I don’t have Google iPlay. I still have the Amazon app store, though.

And… now I’m addicted to my Fish Adventure aquarium, and not doing stuff I should be doing. ::sigh::


2 Responses to “BlueStacks”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    Neat! I downloaded Bluestacks to try it. I’m hoping it’ll let me keep them on my computer so I can free up the space on my tablet. -Indi

  2. bloodsong Says:

    Bluestacks’ new version is out! It fixes the blinkyness on the nVidia (at least on mine), and it also fixed my apps not starting since I rebooted my router. So I’m back with mah FISHIES! Gotta have my fishies…. Except they seem to have taken out the Amazon app store. Dunno what’s up with that.

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