New Video: Polish Squadron 303 – Die Nazi Die


So I was watching “Bloody Foreigners: The Untold Battle of Britain,” from the BBC. And, naturally, became somewhat enamored of the honor and glory, and basic ferocity of the Polish combat pilots. Plus, I was listening to “Die M(#*$%& F#($*%& Die” by Dope. Which is right now at the top of my charts as ‘song to kick butt to.’

Things happened, and I dusted off Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and… I ended up with a new music video. That isn’t created in the Dragon Age toolset.

And now I see… I don’t actually have a place for it in my channel. I will have to remedy that.

At any rate, beware of the Explicit Lyrics (uh, if you couldn’t tell from the song title…!). And if you like Dope, dogfights, and/or Polish warriors of any ilk, you can check it out here.



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