Kids These Days


My mom is always saying how if you look around your neighborhood or where you drive around, you never see kids playing any more. Why, when she was a kid, they were always outside having fun and carrying on. Now it’s like a ghost town everywhere you go.

She blames video games. Yep, they’re all there inside, playing video games. Turning into fat little slugs.

But you know, other thoughts occur to me…

First of all, my mom grew up in a city environment. We now live in a rural country environment, which is where I grew up. Truth be told, I don’t recall running around playing outside that much. Except when we were visiting her parents. Then there was a fair number of kids to run around outside with.

Second of all… kids can’t play outside. My god, if some kids came over and started playing on our lawn, or in our parking lot…. Okay, first off, we’d call the cops. :X But say we were nice neighbors and let the kids play in our yard. One slip, one scraped knee, one bruise or bump, and it’s gonna be a Suit Case! I am serious!

It’s like… “Oh, joy! Junior broke his arm on the neighbor’s swingset! Now they are responsible for paying his medical bills the rest of his life!” Let me just academically say, “WTF?” People, if YOU had the blasted kid, YOU pay for all his medical expenses! What is wrong with people these days? Back in the “Good Old Days,” if a kid had an accident in your yard, you patched ’em up, or got an ambulance if it was that bad, the parents took care of the rest when you called them to tell them about it, and they were grateful that you helped their child. Now it’s all ‘your fault! your fault! pay! pay! pay!’ You want all those potential lawsuits in your yard? Didn’t think so.

I swear, somebody sues me for an accident their kid has on my property, I’mma turn right around and sue them for “accidentaly” having a kid in the first place. And don’t tell me that was planned!


One Response to “Kids These Days”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    This is one of the many reasons I’m all “get off my lawn”. ~Indy

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