Book Report: Giant Thief

Giant Thief by David Tallerman

I loved this book! Easie Damasco is a small-time thief. No, really! He doesn’t care about politics, or wars, or laws, or the world in general. He just wants to survive, and to possibly acquire enough wealth to live in comfort. But he’s not a bad guy. He only steals, he doesn’t kill any one. And… when his own hide is not in imminent danger, he can be quite moved by the plight of other people.

So he manages to become somewhat of a hero, despite himself. And, it’s pretty funny when his luck just goes so wrong and sticks him into the hero role. He’s a quite likeable rogue, and charming in his own mind.

The flavor of the world setting is Spanish, so here’s a tip: try to read it in an Antivan accent (or Spanish/Hispanic if you like). It makes it richer and even more enjoyable.


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