Roleplayers vs Casual Gamers in MMOs


“What’s the big deal?”

So the Guild Wars 2 team wrote this big “MMO Manifesto,” which listed all the annoyances of typical MMOs and how they killed immersivity and the story and everything else. How the missions were always the same, and repeatable ad infinitum, and had no impact on the world whatsoever. How the personal character storyline didn’t exist. And how tedious it was to be grinding for hours on end just to get a skill point, or just to level up, or just to be able to buy a weapon. Etc, etc. And I was so totally impressed with this! YES! What I’ve been saying all along about the “MMO(no)RPG”!

And then two dweebs released a beta video on YooToob where they created characters and instantly started grinding by killing “chickens” and blowing up bunnies. This is when I realized one undenyable fact: it didn’t matter what NCSoft did with its game, or how they took the grind out and put the RP in. What mattered most was the people playing the game. If there are no mechanisms for protecting the roleplayer from the casual gamer, then MMO is going to continue to stand for “Massively Moronic Online” game.


Now, I don’t have any issue with how people enjoy their game. Okay, yes, I just called you all morons. :X Let me explain.

Let’s say you go to see a movie (yes, in a real movie theater, remember those?). And your purpose in seeing this movie is to get caught up in the story, to be entertained, to even escape your own humdrum normal life. That’s what movies are for, right?

Now imagine there’s a buncha kidz sitting in the row in front of you. And all during the movie, they’re yapping away. They’re talking about the actress’s boobs, they’re shouting at the actors how stupid they are, that they should be fighting orcs with bazookas from Rambo, they’re sniggering and making fun of the actors’ deliveries of their lines, they’re complaining how they would never be so stupid as to fall for that plot mechanic. Hey! They’re having fun, ain’t they? You can’t fault them for that. But… yeah, they’re totally ruining the movie experience for you!

That’s what it’s like trying to play a role playing game with a bunch of casual gamer kidz. It is NOT fun.

You want to talk through a movie and make jokes, rent a DVD and watch it with your buddies at home. All I ask for out of an MMO is to be able to avoid the M’s, and for me and my friend to have our own quiet little room to ourselves. Where we don’t bother anybody! And especially vice versa!


One Response to “Roleplayers vs Casual Gamers in MMOs”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    Amen, Bloody! Amen!


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