STRESS Who’s on my Hit List


    1) WordPress, which ate my post where I was starting to rant
    2) The United States Postal Service
    3) PetWatch/PetCare Insurance
    4) Windows 7


Let’s start from the bottom, shall we? I got a new laptop/docking station installed at work, and it has Windows 7 on it. Now, to be perfectly fair, it ain’t that bad. (It ain’t Vista, and that’s saying a lot.) In fact, I even got Outlook 2010 to find and put on my delegated mailboxes, without having to go through 20 steps on 3 different machines. And I finally found where the setting to turn off all that godawfully SLOW window animations and nonsense is. That is a big help.

But for the life of me, I can’t get it to turn on the NumLock key at startup. In the old (XP) days, you used to turn the NumLock on, reboot, and it would know to turn on. But according to hearsay, they took that out of Windows 7.

To quote a fellow Microsoft Enthusiast on the Windows 7 Forums:

Yesterday a computer technician spent THREE HOURS with me in attempt to fix the NUM LOCK problem. He called three more technicians. Finally we were told that in order to make Windows 7 more ‘User Friendly’ Microsoft had ELIMINATED the startup code which in prior versions checked the BIOS in order to set the NUM LOCK key for the initial settiing. What Windows 7 does is to query the KEYBOARD for the initial NUM LOCK status! If the keyboard says that the NUM LOCK setting is ON then it adjusts the registry accordingly and vice-versa. The MORONIC MICROSOFT EXECUTIVE who came up with this STUPID AND EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING DESIGN DECISION should have a thesis written about him called: How to Become an Executive by being an Idiot! (I believe the saying ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’ would summarize this thesis.)

Those of you who think that I am the one who needs a new brain can very easily check my theory. Here is how:
1) Note the NUM LOCK status of your keyboard — let’s assume it is ‘on’
2) Shut down your computer
3) Press the NUM LOCK key ONCE
4) Boot Windows 7 — the NUM LOCK status, based upon our earlier assumption, will now be ‘off’
5) WITHOUT PRESSING THE ‘NUM LOCK’ KEY shut down Windows 7
6) Press the NUM LOCK key ONCE
7) Boot Windows 7 — the NUM LOCK status, based upon our earlier assumption, will now be ‘on’

(Edited for clarity)


This looks… bizarre, but I tried it. No dice. Though I don’t understand what hitting the NumLock key while the power is off does. Unless they meant you hit it during shutdown; it was not clear. (I can ask, but I’d have to sign up to their forums.)

So I tried it again, this time doing the “hit once” steps during shutdown. Except, geek that I am, I figured that while it was starting up, I might as well see if there were a NumLock on start up setting in the BIOS. Tinkering with the BIOS or tinkering with the Registry keys were alternate solutions to having the NumLock on at startup. Of course, this being a piece of office equipment, I knew that editing the Registry was out of the question. But the BIOS… well, they let me touch that, didn’t they?

And I found the setting for the bootup NumLock status! And I changed it. And then the computer wouldn’t start, because I had tinkered with it! For Shame! I’m so ashamed…! I put the setting back, but oh no, that wouldn’t let me off the hook.


Yes, so… I’m waiting to see if I get fired from On High for trying to turn on the effing NumLock.



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