The Kindle and FFnet, Reading


So last night, I packed my Kindle into bed to read the last three chapters of Dragon Age: The Hunt by Shadow of Light Dragon. I have some points to bring up to the Kindle Feedback folks.

I tried going from to the “Regular Site” via the link. The Kindle wasn’t having any of it. Bah.

As I mentioned in the prior report, reading a web page isn’t quite the same as reading an e-book, and there’s no “page turning/scrolling.” I have to swipe upward to get the page to scroll up (or the view to scroll down, however you want to look at it). I’m not sure I’m electrostatically charged enough for prolonged touchscreen use. Really, sometimes it doesn’t register that I’m touching it or even swiping it. Either that, or I have too light of a touch. But lord, I don’t want to poke the blasted screen!

So sometimes the page didn’t scroll. At all. Or only like 2 lines? That’s another thing I had horrible trouble with: getting the page to scroll a controlled distance. I figure, I go ‘swipe,’ it will automatically scroll up one visible ‘page.’ Well, no. Apparently, I can scroll more or less depending on how far I swipe. Yet… again, due to lack of electromagnetism or whatever, even if i start at the bottom of the screen and swipe all the way up, it doesn’t advance one ‘page.’

Most often it advances 1/2 to 1/3 of a page. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if it were predictable. Honestly, the Kindle programmers need to standardize web page scrolling. Make it more like reading a book page. Though I shall have to try it in “Article” mode, which strips web pages of extra coding so you can just have the text.

I found my eyes going kind of bleary after two chapters. Yeah, that’s my eyes, not the Kindle, but I don’t have trouble with focussing on printed text as much as I do computer screens. The Kindle was kinda halfway. The depth between the surface of the screen and the electronic ink seemed to give me the most trouble, like a sort of ghost reflection/shadow.

So when they claim it’s ‘just like paper,’ well, it ain’t. It’s not exactly a CRT/LCD screen, but it’s not paper. Also, I’m wondering if fingerprints are getting on the screen and contributing to the blurriness. Not that I have much oil in my fingertips, either. But I will have to try using a soft stylus to see if the Kindle recognizes that. I have a feeling it won’t work, because when I tried using a laptop touchpad with a cotton swab, it didn’t recognize it at all.

I did not comment while reading on the Kindle, though it is possible with the Touch keyboard. It’s less fiddlesome than, say, texting on a phone, but it’s not a full touch-type keyboard, either.


All-in-all, reading on the Kindle was pretty good. I don’t think I’d bother going to FFnet on the Kindle if I have a computer right in front of me, but since most of my free reading time is only when I’m away from the computer… this will be good for keeping up with the fan-fics I’m supposed to be keeping up with!

Addendum: the FFnet Regular Site

I’ve written a tutorial blog on an alternate method of reading FFnet on the Kindle. Click the link above.



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