Kindle, Kindle, Where the *#(&% is my Kindle?


So my Kindle was supposed to arrive today, the 16th, and the DVD I also ordered was due the 17th. I’ve been a little excited to get my Kindle, so I’ve been hitting the Amazon package tracking thing a lot. Late the 13th it was in the US. Somewhere. It drove around for a day and a half until it ended up in Kentucky. At midnight, ended up in and out of a FedEx hub. Shoulda got here today…!

The fool mailman was late. I went out three times to look in the mailbox. No mail. My mom asked what I was looking for, and I told her my Kindle was due today. She says the mail comes “by 3 pm.” 3pm? Guy’s usually here like 11 in the morning!

There was a bad accident outside yesterday; there’s a really bad intersection. I’m wondering if the mail truck got into an accident, and my Kindle was splattered all over the road somewhere…. FINALLY, at 2:30, my mom gets the mail. She comes in and she goes, “What was it you were waiting for today?”

And I look over, she only has a handful of envelopes. Which is weird, because I could’ve sworn I saw a package in her hand on the monitor! So I’m like… “What!? It ain’t there?” She goes, “No, cuz I’m messing with you.” And she pulls it out the back of her waistband. AUGH! She was laughing and saying she thought I was watching her stuff it in her pants on the monitor or something. Grr.

She goes, “It’s awful light.” I say, “It’s supposed to be.” So she’s leaving while I’m opening the packet… and I get the thing open, and its the DVD! I yell, “OMG, it’s the other thing!!!”

Oh, that was so funny…. but SOMEBODY is going to get a thwapping!!!


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