Getting a Kindle


I’m kinda excited, I ordered a Kindle e-reader last week. Amazon is making me nuts because it’s still “Shipping Soon” and not in a blasted box yet! Or… maybe it’s in a box, but it hasn’t left anywhere yet. Well, I was hoping to get it by tomorrow, although the shipping estimate was Thursday at the earliest.

Anyway… my eyes have been getting very tired reading computer screens all the time. And I have been doing a lot of reading since I got on And the Ridiculously Awesome Zevran Thread. So I have been thinking… what if I read it on this electronic ink stuff? On this handheld device? Might give my eyes a break, or at least a different angle to work at. Or something!

Now, of course, a Kindle is for books. I haven’t bought books in…. years. In fact, I have 12 cartons of books I dearly need to get rid of. But I thought, hey, my library has Kindle lending! In fact, Amazon does too, if you subscribe to Prime. (More on that later. If I remember.) How cool is that? I don’t even have to go down to the library to check out and read books.

Yes, but. I took a look at my library’s Kindle offering. The thing about borrowing books for the Kindle… only certain titles are available for this. I mean, your library can’t just buy a hard copy of the book and get the Kindle version to loan out as well. Why? Well, money. So the only books available to borrow at the library are — apparently — special Kindle editions of books put out by non-mainstream publishers. Not to say that these books aren’t any good. But if I want to read Mercedes Lackey, Lynn Flewelling, Lois McMaster Bujold, et al… that ain’t gonna happen on Kindle. Unless I buy their books. And Kindle books cost the same as the “real” book, which these days is about 8 bucks. I’m not against authors making money and all. But I am against spending money to read a book, and then… it sits around taking up space and gathering dust in my apartment. It’s not economical, and it’s not even ecological.

As for Amazon Prime, they have… well, I suppose ALL the books made for Kindle, including those that allow borrowing. Again, there’s that difference between a Kindle book and a Kindle book you can borrow. Now, Amazon Prime costs about 80 bucks per year. With it you get

    1: Free 2-Day Shipping on any Amazon Order (boy, i coulda used this for my kindle!)
    2: Unlimited Streaming video
    3: 1 Kindle Book per Month borrowing priveledges

Curiously enough, Amazon Prime costs less than my current Streaming-Only Netflix account. Buuuuut… I am spoiled by Netflix and their organization. Plus there’s bound to be discrepancies between the Netflix and Amazon library of videos. But I will check it out.

And why are movies and TV shows unlimited, but the books are only one per month? Is there some sort of discrepancy between video royalties and book royalties or something? I suppose most movies try to recover their costs at the box office… so I don’t know.



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